VoluBill's flexible charging platform

Mobile data charging expert, VoluBill,  has announced the latest generation of its comprehensive mobile data charging platform – charge it. This software-based solution is uniquely engineered to control and charge for transport, content and services across any network standard.

In an environment where telecom operators are challenged by Independent Service Providers (i.e VoIP service providers), charge it enables mobile operators to move from a “walled garden” to an “open garden” services charging strategy and to meet the aggressive “time to revenues” required in next-generation networks and 3G environments. VoluBill solutions are in deployment to more than 50 million subscribers worldwide and new customers for charge it include Djezzy from the Orascom group, Caribbean-based  Digicel Group and Watanya in Algeria.

Alain Lefebvre, VoluBill’s VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances said; “We understand the needs of the changing market in which mobile operators now compete – shorter content lifecycles and the need to reduce the time to market for new services requires operators to implement very flexible dynamic control and charging solutions, which will manage the services and content provided by the operator itself and by external independent content and service providers.”

charge it allows forward looking operators to implement advanced and reliable solutions including :

* 3G , IMS and SIP based services charging and control

* Peer to Peer (i.e VoIP) services charging and control

* Fixed/Mobile services charging and control

* M-Commerce enhancements

“In particular, next-generation network services based on pervasive IP infrastructure from independent service providers are currently a challenge to operators. Operators have to move from their current charging and billing straitjackets which restrict their ability to adapt, change and innovate. charge it based solutions provide the flexibility and extensibility to implement successful charging strategies” said Andre Meyer, VoluBill President & CEO.

Yospace’s MMS-to-Email Gateway supports 3’s MMS delivery

3 today announced the launch of its enhanced ‘MMS-to-Email’ service. Over 3 million customers of 3 can now instantly share MMS texts, pictures or video clips from their handsets with  internet users.

3’s customers can send MMS to any email address and recipients can reply by email within five days. The ‘MMS-to-Email’ MMS arrives in the recipients inbox embedded in an attractively presented HTML email. Upon responding, the email text is then transformed into an MMS. The service closes the MMS communication loop so network differences and international coverage are no longer issues for MMS senders and ensures all MMS get to intended email recipients. MMS to email costs 25p for a picture message and 50p for video, replying is free.

“3’s MMS-to-Email service is set to drive MMS usage on its network,” said David Springall, Yospace’s CTO. “Users need to feel reassured that their MMS will reach eventual recipients regardless of network or country. Our MMS-to-Email Gateway takes away one of the few remaining obstacles to mass use of MMS.”

“People want to be able to send MMS to anyone, from anywhere,” commented Jason Bradley, 3’s Director of Communication Products. “This is what mobile technology is all about. MMS-to-email is an ideal way to drive MMS uptake, by integrating with a communications technology everyone already uses, internet email. Our MMS-to-email service joins a host of other innovative messaging services including videomail and SpinVox voice-to-text."
3 offers a range of MMS services including the newly-launched MyGallery where 3’s customers can share clips and pictures captured on their video mobiles on their own blogs. The launch of MMS-to-email is being supported by an MMS marketing campaign called “reasons to send” that will highlight the benefits of using video and picture messaging.