New name for merged CSA Wireless and MAT-Jaybeam

Following the acquisition of CSA Wireless by MAT-Jaybeam in April 2005 and the creation of a major market share leader in the design and production of base station antennas for the wireless industry, MAT-Jaybeam and CSA Wireless today announced the new name for the combined Company - JAYBEAM Wireless.

JAYBEAM Wireless will continue to focus fully on the antenna market, making it one of the largest antenna focused companies in the world. Jaybeam Wireless has a full product line of Base station (mobile wireless), Repeater, Omni, Yagi, Log periodic, PMR, Tetra, Marine, WLAN, In-building and HF antennas via the merged companies.

Jim Hartman, CEO, JAYBEAM Wireless, said “With the new JAYBEAM Wireless name and organisation in place, we look forward to providing our customers with an improved product
offering, customer service and flexibility, that will allow us to meet and exceed the requirements of an increasingly competitive market place. Our mission is to provide technically superior wireless antennas with the industries’ shortest lead times, the best customer service and the most competitive prices for our established, new and future customers. With the combined strengths of our merged companies and five locations around the world, we are in a substantially stronger position to better serve our customers and compete in this marketplace.”

JAYBEAM Wireless designs and supplies Cellular Base Station antennas for Network Operators world-wide from single to multiband antennas for 800 to 2100MHz, with Remote Electrical Tilt and Manual Adjustable Tilt solutions, together with low visual solutions and Microcell products.

In addition, JAYBEAM Wireless also supplies Tetra and PMR Base Station and Mobile Antennas, SHF and Radio Access Antennas, Marine Antennas and Military products including HF & MF antennas and portable Tactical Masts. JAYBEAM Wireless has operations in Amboise, France, Rochester and  Wellingborough, UK and Hickory, NC, USA, serving the European, African, Middle and Far East and the Americas
wireless infrastructure markets.

In addition, the company has an operation located in Sterling, Virginia, USA that provides HF antennas to the military market in the Americas. This location will continue to operate as C & S
Antennas serving the military communications marketplace.
The origins of the Company began in the 1940’s with Jaybeam and CSA Wireless producing broadcast and military antennas. MAT Equipment origins began in the 1970’s with Marine and
PMR antennas. MAT-Jaybeam was formed with the acquisition of MAT-Equipment in 1987 and Jaybeam Ltd. in 1991. In the 1980’s all of the companies moved into the wireless mobility
antenna market, using the heritage of demanding military applications to develop a reputation for excellent field reliability.

Sign reseller agreement

Azure Solutions, the revenue-assurance company, today announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Narus, a provider of unified IP Management and Security. The agreement brings together both companies’ combined IP and revenue-assurance expertise to enable them to provide operators worldwide with the capability to bill for usage and identify fraud effectively on their next-generation telecom networks.

With the increasing complexity of value chains and partnerships in next-generation IP networks, a key requirement for operators is to ensure all relevant data is secured by monitoring traffic. The Narus IP Platform captures and analyses IP traffic in real time across an entire IP network.

Combining this with Azure’s interconnect, data-integrity (Certo) and fraud-detection capability, operators can now extract information from IP networks to validate billing records and identify fraud on voice and data services.

Through this partnership operators will be able to maximise revenues through the introduction of differential billing for next-generation products and services, as well as the detection of revenue leakage due to fraud and third-party services on their networks.  The partnership also complements Azure’s next-generation revenue-assurance product portfolio, following the recent launches of Azure Inter-Party Management and the next-generation Azure Fraud Control System.

John Cronin, president and CEO of Azure Solutions, said: “Being able to understand activity on their networks is the first stage for carriers wanting to implement revenue assurance for next-generation networks.  This partnership with Narus will enable us to combine our sales and R&D development to deliver even more effective next-generation revenue

Jay Thomas, vice president of product marketing at Narus, said: “Customers are looking for more information about their networks and traffic. Combining Azure’s capabilities with Narus unified IP Management and Security brings a new  understanding of traffic, capabilities, and revenue to carriers’ businesses.”

Andrew Corporation will offer mobile location systems to Nokia’s GSM network base station subsystem (BSS) customers under an agreement completed between the two companies.  In addition, Andrew will license from Nokia certain technologies that will be used in the supplied location systems.

Mobile messaging company rewards head of sales

Mobeon has appointed Huw Hampson-Jones as its new CEO. Hampson-Jones takes over global responsibility for leading the company and increasing the 70% market growth achieved in the past year by the mobile messaging provider.

In his role as executive vice president of sales at Mobeon, Huw achieved sales growth of 95% between 2003-4 and has established an installed base of 34 million IP voicemail boxes globally. His promotion to CEO marks Mobeon’s aim for continuous rapid growth during 2005.

Prior to joining Mobeon, Hampson-Jones was executive vice president of iD2 Technologies AB, which was sold successfully to Sonera of Finland in July 2000. Before that he spent almost ten years with Siemens where, on leaving, he was senior VP of telecommunications worldwide for Siemens Business Services.

“The past year has exceeded all expectations for Mobeon, and we intend to build on the long-standing relationships established with mobile operators across the globe,” said Hampson-Jones.

“Our unique ability to track consumer behaviour and help operators develop services that their subscribers want, enables them to generate additional revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Innovative services such as personalised videomail and 3D avatars also help end users stay connected to their world in a quick and easy way. It is this market intelligence that puts Mobeon at the forefront of messaging innovation,” he added.

“Our success in global sales can be directly attributed to Huw’s flair for leadership and dedication to customer relationships. I have absolute confidence in his ability to lead Mobeon to even greater heights in the future,” said Ross Bott, chairman of Mobeon.

Openwave Systems, a provider of software products and services for the communications industry, today announced it has achieved a new milestone by having shipped its mobile browser in over one billion handsets worldwide.

Openwave Systems, a provider of open software products and services for the communications industry, today announced it has achieved a new milestone by having shipped its mobile browser in over one billion handsets worldwide.

The company’s client technology enables handset manufactures to meet operators’ demands for personalized and easy-to-use data services.

Increasingly, operators want the ability to add newer, more customized services to phones– for a more personalized mobile data experience that is both quick to deploy and cost effective.

Today the browser is shipping in some of the World's most popular and feature rich data phones including Siemens’ Series 65 handsets, Sanyo S-750, Sharp GX30, and KDDI’s au WIN devices. Additionally, Openwave messaging client technology has been adopted by more than 20 manufacturers, and shipped on over 100 phone models.

Openwave was among Motorola, Nokia, and Seimens as one of the original one of the original founders the WAP Forum and, together who, introduced WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) in February 1999. Since then WAP has become the worldwide standard for enabling Internet communications and advanced
data services on mobile devices. Today, virtually all mobile sites require WAP to translate content so it can be read by a mobile device. Openwave is evolving the browser beyond just a tool for viewing web pages on a device; today operators and handset manufacturers can customize multiple services on their phone by using the browser as the underlying core framework for network access, downloads, messaging, email, presentation and file and content management.

“Our software continues to be fundamental in the rollout of handsets across hundreds of different platforms around the world,” said David Peterschmidt, chief executive officer of Openwave. “Openwave has shipped over one billion mobile phones worldwide, powering services from Internet browsing to content downloads. I fully expect this trend to continue as we continue to be a critical component for handset manufacturers as they work with operators to define new service visions.”

Wireless consultancy adds well known European arm

inCode, the global wireless technology and business consultancy, has announced the acquisition of specialist industry advisors Northstream. Northstream will become an inCode company, bringing unique industry experience and a strong European focus to the inCode portfolio.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Northstream provides strategic and tactical support on business and technology issues to global wireless companies. The incorporation of Northstream’s reach and expertise will strengthen the inCode group offering, enabling it to bring industry best practices to its clients irrespective of geography.

Founded in 1998, Northstream clients include more than 25 network operators, leading suppliers of networks and handsets, investment banks, regulators and standards bodies.

Following the acquisition, Northstream co-founders Bengt Nordström and Jonas Twingler will become Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director, Technology & Strategy Group EMEA respectively.

“We are delighted to welcome the Northstream team to inCode. We share the same enthusiasm and vision for the wireless industry, and will benefit from complementary skills, experience and geographical knowledge base,” said Rob Chimsky, VP/GM International Operations and CTO, inCode. “Our combined strengths make us the only specialist consultancy that can guide wireless companies through the maze of opportunity they face now and in the future.”

Bengt Nordström, Northstream co-founder and CEO, said: “There is no such thing as too much experience. The wireless world is re-inventing itself on a continuous basis, and this new inCode company will be perfectly placed to provide an unrivalled source of strategic, tactical, technical and creative services to those looking to lead the mobile industry.”

The business and strategy focus of Northstream will complement the pure wireless consultancy expertise of inCode, and build on the company’s established European engineering consultancy services. Backed by Sequoia Capital, inCode has forged a market leadership position by providing true specialist and undiluted expertise in the wireless space.

Northstream clients will also benefit from inCode’s Wireless Technology Lab, a unique facility in the consulting field. The Lab gives an objective opportunity to gain hands-on access to tomorrow's technology, explore end-to-end solutions prior to making major capital investments, and put theories into practice and study the results without risking commercial network resources.

Announces formation of expanded AOL wireless group and updates mobile strategy to address expanding sector opportunity

America Online Inc has increased its investment in the wireless services sector by acquiring Wildseed Ltd - a leading provider of advanced wireless technologies - and also by forming an expanded AOL Wireless group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company was previously privately held.

Wildseed was founded in June 2000 and is based in Kirkland, Washington, with offices in London UK. Wildseed's technologies provide the industry's richest Linux-based mobile operating system solutions, which include support for advanced interactive games, music and video playback, remote device management, and a fully "skinnable" user interface for delivering both branded and themed user experiences on mobile devices.

"Data-related mobile technologies are on the cusp of mainstream adoption. We see it every day in the explosive growth of our mobile AIM traffic. The whole wireless industry is focused on bringing additional media and value-added services to the mobile consumer, and we are committed to being
a leader in that arena," said John McKinley, Chief Technology Officer and President, Digital Services, America Online, Inc. "With the combination of Tegic and Wildseed, we can offer our carrier and OEM partners the best-in-class platform they need to deliver these rich and engaging mobile experiences and help drive innovation and growth in the industry."

The expanded AOL Wireless division, which encompasses the AOL Mobile, Tegic and Wildseed groups, will speed the delivery of community and convenience to mobile users with an array of software solutions, communications and content services supported by the top wireless carriers and handset

AOL Wireless will be led by Craig Eisler, General Manager and Senior Vice President, AOL Wireless, America Online, Inc. Wildseed employees and operations will be integrated into AOL's current Seattle offices and Wildseed's CEO Eric Engstrom will become AOL Wireless' Senior Vice
President, Wireless Products.

"Wildseed's advanced technologies will help AOL enhance the value of its wireless properties, and speed the development and deployment of new applications and solutions that address the wants and needs of consumers and carriers," said Eisler. "We are extremely excited to welcome the Wildseed team into AOL Wireless and look forward to working with our carrier and OEM partners to deliver innovative services and must-have
content to their subscribers."

Five more games from Vivendi Universal

WonderPhone today announced that it will distribute five new mobile titles from Vivendi Universal Games in 2005, which extends an existing distribution agreement between the two companies. WonderPhone currently distributes VU Games’ products for the mobile platform in Europe, South & Central America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Kuwait, Bahrain and Fiji.

The initial distribution agreement between WonderPhone and Vivendi Universal Games was signed in 2004 and included four mobile titles, Crash Twinsanity, Crash Nitro Kart, Spyro: Ripto’s Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. Given the commercial success of these games, WonderPhone will distribute five additional mobile titles from VU Games, including two franchises that are new to the mobile platform.  WonderPhone and VU Games today announced the first two titles scheduled for release this month.

SWAT® Force – a tactical squad game based on the SWAT franchise.
With over 2m units of the PC game sold, SWAT is one of the most successful tactical based shooter games ever. SWAT 4 for the PC recently released to critical acclaim. The mobile version of the game, which is all new to the mobile platform, demands the same degree of tactical finesse and features 7 authentic crisis situations.

Vivendi Universal Games is the exclusive owner of the SWAT license for the mobile platform.
SWAT, or Special Weapons and Tactics, is a rapid intervention police force that handles the most delicate crises such as hostage and terrorist situations. Established in the early 1970’s in Los Angeles, SWAT has become a reference world wide for effective crisis situation management.

Larry’s™ Sexy Pinball – a wild pinball game based on the Leisure Suit Larry franchise.
Larry’s Sexy Pinball is the sequel to Leisure Suit Larry™: Magna Cum Laude, the mobile game phenomenon released last by WonderPhone… This time Larry will be trying to seduce beautiful women on a wild pinball table designed by Larry himself.  Authentic pinball action and Larry’s unique humour are present in this classic arcade game that will be sure to please Larry fans.

Leisure Suit Larry is one of Vivendi Universal Game’s most well known game characters. Created by Al Lowe, Leisure Suit Larry’s ‘loser’ humour struck a chord with gamers for over 2 decades. Larry has featured in 8 games released by Vivendi Universal Games.

The current mobile games portfolio of Vivendi Universal Games / WonderPhone is today live across 70 operators in 40 countries.

The first Vivendi Universal Game licence released in the context of the alliance was Crash Nitro Kart™ in May 2004. This outstanding racing game has already achieved sales of over 750,000 downloads and top charting positions in seven territories. Spyro™: Ripto Quest, an innovative adventure game, was released in September 2004.
Following Spyro, Leisure Suit Larry™: Magna Cum Laude was released in November. Combining an innovative mix of rhythm based gameplay and sassy mini-games Larry went on to encounter record sales performances in several territories including being a historic best seller in the Nordic region and a number 1 chart topper in Spain and Germany.
Finally, Crash™ Twinsanity was released in November 2004 simultaneously with the Vivendi game of the same name. This first in genre platform game was chosen by Vodafone Global to be one of its ‘hero games’ for the end of 2004, and a specific 3D version of the game was developed to accompany the operator’s commercial 3G launch. Crash Twinsanity went on to become a best selling game in many territories, even setting a historic download record for a month in France.

Accuses Finns of being overly-litigious

InterDigital Communications Corporation announced today that it will oppose Nokia’s recent motion to vacate or modify the binding Final Award rendered by the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in June 2005.  Following two and one-half years of discussions, discovery, testimony, and deliberations in this matter, Nokia has alleged, among other claims, that the majority of the arbitration panel reached a “totally irrational result.”  Additionally, Nokia has continued its litigious approach toward resolving business issues with InterDigital by filing a new patent action in the United Kingdom last week. From the time Nokia was notified of its royalty obligations under its patent license agreement with the company, Nokia has filed eight separate legal actions involving InterDigital.

“In 1999, InterDigital entered into the original agreement with Nokia in good faith,” commented William J. Merritt, President and Chief Executive Officer of InterDigital.  “Over the course of the past several years, InterDigital has systematically honored the agreement and when this dispute arose, we pursued resolution in a controlled manner with the sole objective of finding a sensible business outcome.  Nokia has taken a different approach and has not complied with the terms of the Final Award, including missing the deadline set forth in the Final Award for payment of royalties for past sales.  We are very confident that Nokia will fail in its efforts to have the Final Award vacated or modified and will pay the amounts due, either of their own accord or by court order.”

Mr. Merritt, further noted, “Nokia’s public statements about the arbitration and the Final Award are misleading.  The arbitration process was measured and rigorous, affording both parties ample opportunity to present their respective positions.  The majority, comprised of seasoned commercial litigators/arbitrators, wrote a comprehensive and well-reasoned decision addressing the relevant issues.  The dissenting opinion, authored by the arbitrator selected by Nokia, has no legal effect on the enforceability of the Final Award.”

“Based on these facts, and the very limited basis available under the law for a court to vacate or modify a binding arbitration decision, InterDigital believes that any challenges to the Final Award are frivolous,” added Mr. Merritt.  “Moreover, the purpose of parties selecting binding arbitration is to achieve finality in business disputes, and to do so in an expedited manner.  Consistent with that purpose, any court proceeding to challenge a binding arbitration award is normally undertaken on a summary basis (i.e., no new trial is held), making the review process more streamlined and expedited than traditional U. S. District Court litigation.”

In July 2003, Nokia filed a request with the ICC for binding arbitration regarding Nokia’s royalty payment obligations for its worldwide sales of 2G and 2.5G products under the existing patent license agreement with InterDigital.  On July 1, 2005, InterDigital announced the material findings made by the Arbitral Tribunal operating under the auspices of the ICC.  In sum, two of the three arbitrators favored all but one of InterDigital’s positions on the interpretation of the rate-setting provisions in the patent license agreement between Nokia and InterDigital.  Under the binding Final Award, the Tribunal has established royalty rates which are applicable to Nokia’s sales of covered products for the period beginning January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2006, and also established dates for payment of royalties on past sales.

On July 1, 2005, InterDigital initiated an enforcement action in the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in order to convert the Final Award into a court judgment which would allow InterDigital, if necessary, to compel collection of the royalties due to InterDigital from Nokia under the Final Award.  Collection ultimately could be compelled through a number of different judicial processes.

In a separate action on July 29, 2005, Nokia filed a claim in the United Kingdom High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, Patents Court against InterDigital Technology Corporation (ITC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of InterDigital Communications Corporation.  Nokia’s claim seeks a Declaration that the importation, manufacture and sale of mobile phones and/or infrastructure equipment compliant with the 3GPP Standard TS 41.101 Release 5 without license from ITC does not require infringement of any of thirty-one of ITC’s UMTS European Patents registered in the UK, such that none of the patents are essential IPR for that standard.  InterDigital believes the filing is without merit and intends to vigorously defend its position.

15,000 customers since launch

By the end of June and less than two months after initiating advertising of the mobile service the company had already signed up 15,000 customers thereby successfully completing the launch period. estimates that this means its share of all online sales of mobile services is more than 10%, and that its share of online sales of PAYG is around 15%.

As of July 1st - true to its announcement when launching - ended its promotional launch offer and reverted to its standard prices of only 15p per minute voice calls, any UK network anytime and just 5p per text, any UK network anytime - still the most attractive price and service for most users of basic services.

"I am pleased with the results we have achieved in such a short time" says Frank Rasmussen, CEO of "Not only did we manage to implement the service and bring it into operation in 2 months, but we have also successfully made an impact on the UK mobile market fulfilling the promises we made when we launched". "By the end of June we passed the 15,000 customer mark and we remain optimistic that we will continue following our business plan going forward - not least as customers are proving to be very loyal and satisfied with our service", Frank Rasmussen continues, and adds "Our results are even more impressive when we consider the very competitive nature of the UK mobile market, and the number of promotions and initiatives our launch has prompted from almost all the other players in the market".

The feedback we receive from customers is very supportive", says Sandy Munro, Chief Commercial Officer of, and continues "our website and our offering is seen as a great improvement compared to what has previously been available, and customers praise the simplicity and ease of use of the site and the fantastic customer service".

"By our estimates has realised a market share of more than 10% of all online sales of mobile service in the UK", says Sandy Munro, and adds "No small feat for a company that has just launched its service, and that has only a small fraction of the marketing budgets of the incumbent players".

"I have said before that customers will be the big winners following the launch of, and this proves to be true", says Frank Rasmussen. He continues "Not only are we providing fantastic service at attractive prices to our own customers, but we have also triggered a trend where many other players have started improving their customer proposition". Mr. Rasmussen adds "Unfortunately, 18 and 24 month contracts, confusing and complicated PAYG prices, complex terms and conditions, combined with convoluted marketing deals and offers continue to lure customers to sign agreements that are not really in their interest. At we will remain focused in our drive to make mobile life simple and transparent for customers."

18.5 million Euros cash should do it

Buongiorno Vitaminic, one of the leading companies in the mobile value-added service (VAS) sector, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a 100% stake in Freever, a leading European company in the Mobile Community sector.

The Mobile Community sector brings mobile telephone users together into groups based on shared interests through services like Chat and Messaging – the resulting content is therefore based on relationships between members of the community. This sector of the mobile-phone based communication and entertainment services market is expected to be worth approximately Euro 1 billion in Europe alone by 2009 .

Formed in France in 1999, Freever has offices in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and business cooperation agreements with the major European telephone carriers, giving the company access to more than 100 million customers. Each week Freever offers its members different theme programs, information on events, the chance to participate in various activities (contests, quizzes, etc.), and even the chance to interview famous people like, for example, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, the singer Beyonce Knowles, and others.

Andrea Casalini, Chief Executive Officer of Buongiorno Vitaminic SpA comments, “Freever is the uncontested leader in the Mobile Community sector in Europe. Due to its excellent management team, specialist knowledge, its dedicated technology platform, management’s constant focus on issues concerning privacy and protection of minors, and the loyalty gained from both the end-users as well as the major European telephone companies, Freever has built a profitable and sustainable business with excellent growth prospects. For Buongiorno, the acquisition of Freever will be another hugely important step in building a strong international leadership position in our market. Plus the business synergies that we plan on achieving, Freever's addition to our Group represents a further growth opportunity going forward.”

Jerôme Traisnel, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Freever comments, “In turn, Buongiorno Vitaminic’s global reach, its leadership in the mobile value-added services market, and its ongoing relationships with more than 40 carriers throughout the world, represent a unique opportunity for Freever to accelerate its growth. The mobile VAS market continues to offer major opportunities for development and requires increasing size and global scale. We are excited to have the chance to become part of a group that is showing real strength, and setting international standards with a distinctive business model that offers the best opportunity for rapid, sustainable, and durable growth”.

Freever, profitable since 2002, reported Euro 9.6 million in turnover in 2004 and Euro 700,000 in net income. The company reported a net cash position of Euro 2.7 million at end-June and net positive working capital of around Euro 2 million. For the full year 2005, the company forecasts revenues above Euro 12 million and net income of more than Euro 1 million.

The closing of the acquisition of Freever by Buongiorno Vitaminic is subject to certain conditions precedent, among which the approval of the issuance of bonds convertible into Buongiorno Vitaminic shares by the general shareholders’ meeting of Buongiorno Vitaminic, convened on 7, 8 and 9 September (as indicated below), and the obtaining of the financing deriving from the underwriting of a part of the convertible bonds.

The closing of the acquisition will be settled through a cash payment of Euro 18.5 million at the closing date and, possibly, a further variable earn-out price maturing upon the achievement of certain levels of operating result by Freever in 2005. The maximum variable amount is Euro 15.5 million, partially expressed in a number of Buongiorno Vitaminic shares and shall be in part payable in shares or cash at the discretion of the buyer.

Following to the closing of the acquisition, Freever will remain an independent business unit within the Buongiorno Vitaminic Group, it will develop commercial synergies with Buongiorno “geographical” business units, and it will continue to be headed by the current management team, specifically by Jerôme Traisnel in his capacity as Freever’s Managing Director.

The company will provide further details on the operational and income statement impact of the transaction with respect to its targets for 2005 and going forward during the meeting with the Financial Community scheduled for September, as well as – if required - while preparing the information document in compliance with Art. 71 and 91 of the Regulations for Issuers, which would be made available to the public within 15 days after the closing of the acquisition.

Buongiorno Vitaminic plans on financing this and any other possible acquisitions for external expansion through currently available cash (in this regard, we point to the recently concluded third instalment of the capital increase begun last year with Banca IMI, with the underwriting of Euro 8.4 million in new shares by institutional investors), operating cash-flow generated in accordance with the business plan, medium-term bank loans, and the issue of a bond convertible into ordinary shares without option rights according to Art. 2241, 4 paragraph, last period, of the Italian Civil Code.

3, the UK’s first video mobile network, today announces a partnership with EMI Music UK, the major record label, to supply full-length audio tracks directly to over 3 million customers on the 3 network.

3’s customers will be able to access all the artists that EMI Music UK has mobile rights for, which includes tracks from Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Jamelia, Joss Stone and Norah Jones. 

The agreement will enable customers to enjoy new releases on EMI Music UK’s labels which include EMI Records, Parlophone, Relentless, Virgin as well as back catalogue material.  The hottest and freshest 100 EMI Music UK’s tracks will be available to customers to download in either WMA or AAC format depending on their handset. 

This announcement builds on 3’s music offering which includes full-length videos from Sony BMG and music videos from independent label artists through VidZone.  3 was the first mobile network to launch full-length music videos over mobile in August 2004 and has since recorded a number of firsts including a world first with Robbie Williams launch of his single “Misunderstood”on the 3 network ahead of TV and radio.  Natasha Bedingfield and Rooster have also had concerts streamed live to 3’s customers

Bob Fuller, Chief Executive of 3 UK, comments: “3 is leading the way in developing the exciting opportunities of 3G mobile technology. Music is one of our most popular services and through this deal our customers will be able to enjoy the very latest audio tracks from top artists like Kylie, Robbie and Coldplay.”

Dave Gould, Commercial Manager, Digital Media for EMI Music UK, comments: “We’re delighted to bring EMI Music UK’s labels to 3.  3 is a leading network in bringing mobile music to their customers and we’re really excited about the possibilities of putting more great music into the hands of millions of mobile users.”

Opera Telecom, the international mobile services company, has launched its 3G video platform enabling media brands, broadcasters and content providers, to deliver video-based services to 3G subscribers. The platform is available as an off-the-shelf solution, providing pre-defined video channels, content, branding and billing. Additionally, customers can develop own-brand channels incorporating their own live streaming or pre-recorded content.

Opera Telecom’s 3G video platform enables live video streaming,  downloadable streamed content, interactive dating, video chat rooms, video call centres and video mail and messaging. Video services are available to all video-enabled 3G handsets.

Gary Corbett, Managing Director of Opera Telecom, comments, “With the mobile phone playing an increasingly important role in the way mobile users enjoy entertainment, the 3G video platform is a great way to create user interactivity. Every channel will have various video applications including live webcams, video chat, live chat and archives of old material for users to download. Products will also be available for viewers to purchase and collect.”

3G Video billing is facilitated by Video Shortcodes that, similar to Premium Rate IVR, bill customers either on a per minute or a one-off “drop charge” basis. Video shortcode tariffs range from zero-rated to £5. UK Networks that currently support Video Shortcodes include Three, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

Opera Telecom will be integrating its 3G Video platform as part of its core Dragon platform. The Dragon platform is an advanced, self-service mobile platform that provides Opera customers the ability to create and launch complex IVR, SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.

Opera Telecom has developed a number of pre-defined video channels aimed at a wide range of audiences. Portable Hollywood, produced by Cinema Electric, airs exclusively on mobile phones with new shows daily. The channel highlights the hottest celebrities, latest movies, parties, music, DVDs and bizarre happenings in Hollywood, including exclusive interviews, behind the scenes features and red carpet footage.

Teen Spirit channel includes extreme sport and indie music videos from US cable channel havoc TV.  havoc also features regular releases from larger acts such as Chemical Brothers, Scissor Sisters, Fat Boy Slim, Basement Jaxx, and Erasure.

Corbett concludes, “With our announcement of the 3G video platform we can now offer a powerful 3G service that can help deliver a stronger availability of entertainment services to 3G mobile users.”