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Trump demands 6G as MWC prepares to debate next-generation's foundations 22 February 2019
AI will be the driver for 6G, researchers say 24 April 2019
SK Telecom kicks off 6G research with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung 18 June 2019
Keysight brings test and measurement to the multi-party 6G programme 19 August 2019
6G Flagship research white paper pinpoints drivers and challenges 11 September 2019
China enters the 6G fray with government-backed initiative 07 November 2019
Japan sets its sights on 6G 23 January 2020
Deloitte expects 6G to be ready by 2030, with 7G in the works 17 March 2020
ZTE outlines 6G 'reconfigure the world' vision 24 March 2020
6G gains momentum with US call to action and Chinese partnership 21 May 2020
Samsung joins ranks of firms ramping up their 6G credentials 15 July 2020
North American operators stake claim to be leaders in 6G 14 October 2020
NGMN Alliance to assess drivers and vision for 6G 21 October 2020
Report reckons 6G will be worth $1 trillion to CSPs 19 February 2021
NGMN Alliance's new strategy to focus on disaggregated ops, green networks and 6G 22 February 2021
Nokia claims 5G speed world record with Turk Telekom 22 March 2021
China accelerating 6G development in new five-year digital plan 23 March 2021
DT proves 100GHz and upwards viable for 5G backhaul 07 April 2021
Germany’s Federal Government stumps up €700m for 6G research 12 April 2021
NGMN mulls societal requirements for 6G with initial white paper 20 April 2021