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BT receives domestic telecoms licences in China 25 January 2019
Gaming offers new disruptive opportunities for cloud service providers 18 March 2019
Lessons from China as cellular IoT connections hit 1.2 billion 14 May 2019
Huawei tech ban in US looks likely as trade war escalates 15 May 2019
Huawei launches Harmony OS as potential Android alternative 09 August 2019
Telcos targeted by new malware from Chinese hackers 01 November 2019
China enters the 6G fray with government-backed initiative 07 November 2019
Germany’s Chancellor Merkel suggests EU 5G certification agency 29 November 2019
Mobile gamers generated 60% of the global games revenues in 2019 30 December 2019
Microsoft announces Open Data Campaign to prevent most data being in few hands 22 April 2020
China sets new regulations for domestic operators’ procurement 30 April 2020
Roaming agreements to accelerate NB-IoT adoption in Europe 01 June 2020
Ericsson looks to the long term in China; Huawei goes on UK charm offensive 08 June 2020
Parts of the EU are dragging their feet on high-risk vendors 26 July 2020
Gartner predicts global 5G network infra spend will all but double this year 29 July 2020
US’ Clean Network initiative aims to end tech and telecoms links with China 06 August 2020
Sweden bans use of Huawei and ZTE equipment in 5G networks 21 October 2020
A week of good and not so good news for Ericsson as China responds 23 October 2020
Ericsson declares return from the wilderness 11 November 2020
China accelerating 6G development in new five-year digital plan 23 March 2021