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DT, Ericsson claim fibre-like results with wireless backhaul in Athens trial 14 January 2019
New ETSI spec to secure sensitive data in the cloud 07 February 2019
ETSI launches global standard for consumer IoT security 20 February 2019
Distributed orchestra plays in concert over 5G, conducted by ETSI’s Open Source MANO 21 March 2019
Portuguese broadcasters trial Licensed Shared Access in 2.3-2.4GHz band 01 April 2019
ETSI and the Linux Foundation agree to bring open source and standards closer 29 April 2019
ETSI adds 5G-supporting features to NFV architecture 03 July 2019
ETSI kick-starts work to secure artificial intelligence 03 October 2019
ETSI whitepaper highlights automated network management to reduce truck rolls 14 October 2019
ETSI standardises new secure platform for IoT, 5G and ‘security-sensitive’ sectors 19 November 2019
ETSI Open Source MANO release brings cloud-native applications to NFV 20 December 2019
Qualcomm claims “significant progress” toward commercial launch of C-V2X in Europe 10 March 2020
ETSI holds remote Hackfest 18 March 2020
ETSI launches framework to enable interoperability of AR components 24 March 2020
ETSI gets to work on standard for contact-tracing apps 15 May 2020
Nokia joins the Open RAN Policy Coalition 22 May 2020
Beyond IP: demands are growing for non-IP networking standards 24 June 2020
How 5G is both less and more secure than previous networks 29 June 2020
ETSI launches a new group to develop Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces 05 October 2021