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European Union

BICS sees 95% increase in 4G roaming in 2018 24 January 2019
EU continues research with Huawei, Italy remains loyal, Germany considers 11 February 2019
Investigation finds EU’s net neutrality policy is failing operators and consumers 12 February 2019
€9.2bn Digital European programme progresses 18 February 2019
European Parliament expresses concerns about Huawei and 5G 13 March 2019
Europe’s full-fibre connections reach 36.4% as rollouts accelerate 14 March 2019
GSMA claims Commission risks throwing EU’s connected cars under a bus 14 March 2019
Damaging telecom fraud scheme exploits inter-carrier trust 26 March 2019
Finally, Europe announces a 'Huawei' plan to secure 5G across the Union 27 March 2019
Europe leads for mobile network experience, says new report 03 June 2019
Members states reject European Commission's choice of Wi-Fi for connected cars 05 July 2019
Europe progresses with risk assessment for 5G 23 July 2019
Competition Commissioner takes on Europe’s digital strategy and regulation 13 September 2019
Slow adoption of GDPR, but compliant-firms report big benefits 07 October 2019
EU report on 5G security spotlights suppliers 11 October 2019
Germany’s Chancellor Merkel suggests EU 5G certification agency 29 November 2019
Europe’s telco CEOs call for co-ordinated digital policy 03 December 2019
EU publishes guidelines for high-risk 5G vendors 31 January 2020
CETIN to tackle Czech ‘white spots’ 13 February 2020
EU vetoes proposed wholesale fibre regulation in Sweden 13 February 2020