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Free signs up 1 million FTTH subscribers 23 January 2019
Telefónica issues telecom’s first green bond 29 January 2019
Eir to spend €500m more on FTTH over next five years 13 February 2019
Fixed broadband subscribers to hit 1.2 billion by 2025 10 March 2019
Europe’s full-fibre connections reach 36.4% as rollouts accelerate 14 March 2019
Openreach launches consultation on shifting from copper to fibre faster 22 March 2019
Deutsche Telekom and EWE form FTTH joint venture for NW Germany 25 March 2019
Sunrise launches 5G FWA service in Switzerland 07 April 2019
BT’s McRae says backbone upgrade “a one in ten-year cycle” 11 April 2019
Vodafone and Orange extend network sharing in Spain to speed 5G rollout 26 April 2019
Open Fiber and Fastweb sign reciprocal wholesale network agreement 03 May 2019
BT reports falling profits as it revs up for FTTH and 5G 10 May 2019
Deutsche Telekom sets up Municipal Advisory Board 22 May 2019
Proximus rolls out fibre in Vilvoorde, but Belgium's FTTH still lags 23 May 2019
Boris Johnson ups the ante on FTTH rollout in the UK 18 June 2019
Ailing TIM to explore acquiring Open Fiber after months of wrangling 24 June 2019
UK: state of the nation’s broadband – more fibre needed 05 July 2019
France adds almost half a million full-fibre subscribers in Q2 01 September 2019
London to lay fibre in Tube to boost FTTP connectivity 29 October 2019
Vodafone strikes UK fibre broadband deal with BT's Openreach 11 November 2019