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Polish minister calls for joint EU-NATO stance on Huawei 14 January 2019
Huawei’s woes — how will they impact 5G in Europe? 18 January 2019
Huawei’s chairman threatens to leave Western markets 23 January 2019
Will US go for the ‘nuclear’ option against Huawei? 29 January 2019
GMSA wants meeting to assess impact of Huawei-free 5G 06 February 2019
Turkcell stays loyal to partner Huawei 07 February 2019
EU continues research with Huawei, Italy remains loyal, Germany considers 11 February 2019
Huawei says it will fast track 5G deployment for operators 21 February 2019
Huawei opens Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels 06 March 2019
Huawei sues US government over federal product ban 07 March 2019
Vodafone UK warns banning Huawei would cost millions, slow 5G deployment 08 March 2019
US threatens to reduce intelligence-sharing if Germany doesn’t block Huawei 11 March 2019
European Parliament expresses concerns about Huawei and 5G 13 March 2019
Nordic Telecom develops LTE network for critical communications 18 March 2019
Finally, Europe announces a 'Huawei' plan to secure 5G across the Union 27 March 2019
Huawei profits up 25% in 2018 but carrier business slows 01 April 2019
Sunrise launches 5G FWA service in Switzerland 07 April 2019
5G handsets to unlock commercial services on Swisscom’s 5G network next month 11 April 2019

German regulator against banning ‘any vendor’ from 5G as spectrum auction exceeds €5bn 
 15 April 2019
Qualcomm and Apple drop litigation to further 5G ambitions 18 April 2019