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Network automation

Operators’ plans for 5G network automation are ‘grinding to a halt’ 31 July 2019
Deutsche Telekom picks Netcracker for network and service automation 09 October 2019
Hands off: 78% operators say automating service fulfilment is key to profits 25 October 2019
Mars chooses Orange for intelligent automated network 03 December 2019
O2 plans to become UK’s first net zero mobile network 02 March 2020
O2 automates 5G network management 09 March 2020
Ericsson shows momentum for network orchestration and automation 01 December 2020
DT turns to Nokia to update optical transport and distribution network 09 February 2021
HPE sets up new telco unit, launches Open RAN stack 01 March 2021
Orchestrator controls and manages Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G for Industry 4.0 31 March 2021
First demo of O-RAN aligned, xAPP-powered Open RAN solution 27 April 2021
Blue Planet picked as Vodafone's transport domain orchestrator 05 May 2021
Nokia wins exclusive deal for Swisscom's optical transport network 10 May 2021
Massive network automation might be years away, but there’s plenty of scope now 11 May 2021
Why automation should be the Tricorder for telecoms 22 June 2021
Orange claims Europe’s first 5G SA end-to-end experimental cloud network 30 June 2021
Airtel’s network automation is as inevitable as water obeying gravity 03 July 2021
Enea claims first to extend 5G core to manage 4G network data 07 July 2021
Vodafone and Nokia develop ML to pick up mobile net anomalies 20 July 2021
CTO interview: Telekom Deutschland reinforces its role as DT group’s European powerhouse 26 July 2021