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Telefónica invests in Altiostar’s open RAN to speed network transformation 21 October 2019
O2 partners up for O-RAN 17 January 2020
Altiostar tests O-RAN-compliant 5G with NEC and Rakuten 20 May 2020
GSMA and O-RAN Alliance launch collaboration effort 29 May 2020
DISH enters multi-year agreement with Altiostar for open RAN deployment 01 July 2020
Gartner predicts global 5G network infra spend will all but double this year 29 July 2020
Keys to the kingdom: OpenRAN seeks to break open vendor lock-in 31 July 2020
Turkcell and Mavenir claim world’s first OpenRAN vRAN call 27 August 2020
Ericsson suggests Open RAN opens the doors to greater security risks 11 September 2020
Dell’Oro finds Open RAN equipment revenues are rising faster than expected 07 December 2020
First demo of O-RAN aligned, xAPP-powered Open RAN solution 27 April 2021
Vodafone's Open RAN Blueprint is a radical shift in hardware development 29 April 2021
Spectral efficiency for OpenRAN – the dollars are in the details 14 May 2021
Could Open RAN add $285bn to global GDP this year? 24 May 2021
DISH opts for Dell in the RAN and at the edge 21 June 2021
O-RAN will account for 76% of active RAN CapEx by 2030 25 June 2021
UK government project 5G-ENCODE claims new breakthrough in industrial 5G 02 September 2021
Nokia giving green light to O-RAN Alliance again after brief flickering 17 September 2021
NEC and Xilinx working to create faster 5G radio units for O-RAN builders 27 September 2021
TIP awards requirements-compliant ribbon to NEC's massive MIMO 11 October 2021