Worried about RF Interference?

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Until now, cell site turn-up and maintenance have been relatively straightforward procedures – typically performed on one macro cell with one technology.  

Now, RF and fiber have combined, increasing the complexity of cell site roll-out, turn-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Operators, vendors and contractors familiar with RF now have to acquire new technologies and skills to be efficient.  Fortunately JDSU has unique experience in both the fiber and mobile markets helping our customers around the world, giving you a distance advantage in today’s mobile landscape.

Interference in cellular networks is one of the most common problems in the radio access network (RAN) caused by transmission issues or frequency refarming.   Read more on how JDSU RF test solutions perform all the necessary measurements that characterize the condition of radio access networks including the proper identification of impairments, transmission conformance, and modulation quality.