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    Are Europe's largest operator groups' ambitions realistic in its response to the continent's future digital infrastructure?

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    ecta responds to EC’s white paper on Europe’s future digital infrastructure

    Unsurprisingly, it is not in favour of some proposals, fearing they favour large operator groups that were formerly state monopolies

    Private 5G networks finally begin to boom beyond China

    Analysts SNS Telecom & IT expects a compound annual growth rate of 42% between this year and 2027; cites reference deployments

    Automated assurance needs to accelerate in 5G private networks

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    Plotting handset location on 3D maps helps emergency response

    Partner content: Dense urban locations with multi-level parking garages or high-rise buildings need X,Y and Z axes to pinpoint locations when lives are at stake

    DTW24 – Ignite: Catalysing industry progress through innovation and collaboration 

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