Fixed Wireless Access needs cybersecurity services – obviously

    Partner content: As FWA moves from 4G to 5G, we need network-native security for IoT, faster throughput and the distributed network architecture

    Automating optimisation introduces risk to hybrid RANs

    Partner content: How to mitigate the challenges Open RAN brings to managing mobile networks

    Report shows operators are deploying disaggregated, multivendor systems now

    As operators strive to sweat assets “like never before” those systems are in place and proliferating all the way from customers’ premises to the core

    Harnessing AI to crack supply chain emissions

    Partner content: Many operators have made good progress on Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but Scope 3 (which includes supply chain) is both the toughest and biggest category

    Service assurance foundational data: shaping the networks of tomorrow

    Partner content: Accessing foundational data about the network is critical for operators’ informed decision-making

    Exploring commercial opportunities for passive location data

    Partner content: As operators implement sophisticated location technologies to comply with regulation, many are investigating associated revenue opportunities to help recover costs

    Fair-share: why telcos’ claims about network traffic can be misleading

    Partner content: Network traffic per se is not a reliable metric regarding cost; policy must make interconnect agreements transparent and prioritise digital inclusivity

    Golden Bands at WRC-23 – deciding the fate of 6G

    Partner content: The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23) in November will decide what spectrum should be investigated for 6G

    Inaugural global broadband and cloud ranking puts US top

    Report predicts a 10% increase in fixed broadband penetration will increase GDP per 0.77% capita

    The vision for 5G requires early inclusion of 5G-capable charging

    Sponsored: The frequency of disruption in the market and 5G's readiness to deal with them are critical

    Ericsson: microwave will play key role in 5G backhaul for next decade 

    E-band can fulfil the backhaul needs of most 5G networks beyond 2030 as innovation and multiband overcome the spectrum’s shortfalls

    Ciena: global undersea network is more resilient, but threats remain 

    Cable operators are using technology and cooperation to keep traffic running but international law isn’t catching up with the industry’s needs

    fliggs mobile selects Moflix TelcoTech Platform to power Web3 MVNO 

    Sponsored: US-based operator MVNO platform that claims to be the first to converge telco and Web3

    Cisco’s most likely target is telecoms in $28bn acquisition of Splunk

    Telcos are subject to increasingly rigorous cybersecurity regulations

    Cost per Gbps is going to fall more slowly than demand in optical networks

    A capex reckoning is coming – the falling cost of Gbps is going to slow as it runs into the physics of Shannon's Limit