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Telefónica and Ericsson sign AI network ops agreement 27 February 2019
Broadband Forum update aims to accelerate migration to cloud access networks 04 March 2019
Security and agility overtake cost reduction as main drivers of network automation 30 September 2019
ETSI whitepaper highlights automated network management to reduce truck rolls 14 October 2019
Hands off: 78% operators say automating service fulfilment is key to profits 25 October 2019
Swisscom partners with university for NFV research 26 November 2019
Orange Poland selects Juniper Networks for core network upgrade 03 December 2019
Mars chooses Orange for intelligent automated network 03 December 2019
Telefónica UK to migrate TDM infrastructure to packet network 21 May 2020
Netcracker announces new digital portfolio 04 June 2020
Vodafone UK’s CTO: How to run a national network from employees’ homes 24 June 2020
LF Edge steps up efforts with white paper, onboarding project group 09 July 2020
Nokia claims ‘next-gen’ network operating system is a game changer 10 July 2020
Nokia offers instant automated radio upgrades from 4G to 5G 14 July 2020
Telefónica Deutschland selects Blue Planet for network automation 18 September 2020
TM Forum and MEF align open APIs to ease automation, integration 08 October 2020
Gartner finds 47% of firms will increase investments in IoT 30 October 2020
Industrial IoT Connections to reach 37 billion globally by 2025 02 November 2020
LoRa Alliance speeds Massive IoT with QR codes for zero-touch onboarding 09 December 2020
Nokia to build private 5G network for KymiRing Finland 10 March 2021