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Wearable tech

Smartphones outpace feature phone sales for first time as smart bands grow 13 February 2014
Broadcom launches satellite chip for wearable devices 21 February 2014
Google readies SDK for wearables 10 March 2014
Google launches wearable tech OS, focuses on smartwatches initially 18 March 2014
Wearable tech could lead to boom in big data healthcare research 17 April 2014
Timex launches smartwatch with wireless connectivity, Qualcomm tech 07 August 2014
IoT hits "peak hype" amid explosion of activity 11 August 2014
'Stone Age' wearables market to explode as shipments set to grow over 1000%  18 August 2014
Samsung reveals Gear S smartwatch with 3G connectivity 28 August 2014
NXP's new NFC tag chip targets IoT market as Apple rumours circulate 29 August 2014
Qualcomm brings LTE, LTE-A features to cheaper smartphones 10 September 2014
Apple debuts new contactless payment system with iPhone 6, Apple Watch 10 September 2014
Apple, Chinese manufacturers "to drive smartwatch sales" 17 September 2014
Sony goes live with SmartEyeGlass SDK 19 September 2014
Smart wearables market to quadruple thanks to cheap software 30 September 2014
Rise of wearables, IoT “enormous” opportunity for battery and charging market 09 October 2014
Swiss emergency smartwatch set for expansion after it runs new provisioning tech 29 October 2014
Samsung opens up health, VR and connected home to devs in new SDK deluge 13 November 2014
CES: Companies show off wearable tech with buttons, connected helmets 07 January 2015
Ericsson’s connected helmet could remove “worst case scenario” for cyclists 16 January 2015