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    Work out content rights now


    Content rights issues are set to delay the large-scale rollout of multiple data services unless they are addressed properly. And, according to Core Media’s UK Manager Val Karruck, the way to do this is through an integrated platform and using standards created by the Open Mobile Alliance.

    He said, “Integration to the network is what is difficult. So, if operators can do this once and based on standards, then they can change their business models in the future if they want to.”
    Core Media’s new solution comes on the back of 18 months research and is the first to be based on OMA standards, according to the company. It comprises a number of different elements including an ingest portal and content server, Digital Rights Management (DRM) functions and the integration of these with all the necessary network elements such as billing, service delivery platform SMSCs/MMSCs etc. (The structure of the solution will be examined in more detail in a content management feature in the May issue of Mobile Europe).
    At the heart of the offering is a belief that it must be easy for content developers to deliver their content and for marketing professional within operators to create new service offerings quickly and effectively. This, Karruck said, becomes possible because the system creates a catalogue of rights objects. From this the marketeers can put together new offerings, basically using drag and drop tools, and are therefore working with real content and not guessing what will and won’t be available.
    As far as Core Media is concerned this is an end-to-end solution which begins with easing the access route for content developers, a group which Core Media has great experience of as the largest content vendor in Europe. As Karruck explained, “Content people are not generally into technology and therefore we have to keep it simple.”
    This is achieved via the content server which can take content in native form and add encryption, all the necessary meta data (pricing/ownership etc) and manage the relevant workflow issues such as providing the right formats for the different end user devices.
    Core Media is currently running controlled user trials in three countries and is expecting a full rollout by September. As for the ROI, Karruck explained, “In many ways it’s a no brainer. This has to be done. The only choice for an operator is whether to take a proprietary route or follow the OMA…If this even half works, then it will make operators a pile of money.”

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