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    ID-based content rights protection


    Using terminal identification, rather than encryption, will help mobile operators protect content from unauthorised use, service control specialist P-Cube has said.

    P-Cube has added a capability to its service control platform that enforces digital rights management not by encrypting data, but by allowng access to content by recognising a device’s user profile.
    P-Cube’s Service Control technology is comprised of a programmable network element that sits in-line with data traffic and creates an intelligent overlay enabling the network to identify, classify, guarantee performance and charge for content-based services. Using Encharge v2.1, mobile operators can control access to their designated content servers based on a subscription plan and device type, which enables the operators to determine if an unauthorised device is attempting to download valuable content.
    “Mobile content data is a very lucrative asset for wireless providers. It’s imperative that providers protect their assets while simultaneously packaging, delivering and charging for services that permit subscribers to personalise content,” said Yuval Shahar, president and chief executive officer of P-Cube. “Our technology-agnostic services layer allows mobile operators to identify individual subscribers and control access to services based on their subscriber profile and device type further demonstrating the importance of service control in IP networks.”