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    Web picture services go mobile — without operator support


    The increasing availability of mega-pixel camera-phones has persuaded online photo management company BonusPrint to introduce a service for mobile users.

    BonusPrint has teamed up with mobile services company Cognima to offer a service that enables users to upload an image to a personal website with one click on the handset. Once the image is on the website it can be printed or shared with other users.
    The service has bypassed the involvement of any operators, who Cognima’s ceo Simon East described as “obsessed with MMS.”
    At the moment, the service is limited to Symbian phones, and to produce a decent print users need a high pixellation camera.
    From November users will be able to go to the BonusPrint website and request the service from there. The image upload software, a C++ application, will the loaded onto the phone over the air. Operators are not involved other than providing their GPRS coverage. Prints will cost from 12p per print.

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