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    A US company that provides a mobile version of thin client computing, giving a new way to provide wireless email services, has launched the personal edition of its software.

    Sproqit Technologies, which describes itself as the “embedded technology leader in intelligent thin-client mobile computing” dispenses with the store-forward mechanism of most wireless email solutions, instead setting up a direct link through a secure connection.
    “Sproqit looked at the current solutions and found that they were very limited in terms of functionality, performance and expansion into new applications. We also found that the main bottleneck was the anitquated store and forward architectures they are all using,” said Peter Mansour, founder and CEO of Sproqit Technologies. “We decided to work from a clean slate to create the next generation architecture.
    “If you compare Sproqit, feature-for-feature, with other solutions, you’ll see that it is faster, offers more features and has better usuability.”

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