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    Five languages for rapid message


    HeyAnita, providers of enhanced messaging software for mobile operators, today announced the international availability of Rapid Message Service (RMS) v2.0.

    RMS is a combined voice and text service that allows users to leave voicemails for receivers who are alerted that they have a message by text. It is now available in France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US, with support for five languages, if you count US and UK English separately.
    Hey Anita’s pitch to operators is that the service requires no additional software on the handset, although of course operators need to implement the RMS platform in their own network, or use a hosted service.
    Users can access the service by a shortcode or hot key on the phone. The service is also intended to enhance voice and text revenues using existing networks, encouraging users to leave threads of messages.
    The service is an improvement on normal voicemail, Mark Willingham, vp of Marketing for HeyAnita told Mobile Europe, because the receiver can see who has left him a message, and so can choose whether to listen to it, or ignore it. Users can also leave messages in a non-intrusive way, but get more information and meaning into the message than a simple text.
    Willingham said, “RMS has been market driven from day one; we looked at the need for a simple application that addresses real market needs and have continued listening closely to operators and end-users to define and improve our product.”