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    Consumer email service hits 150,000


    SFR, Vodafone’s French network operator, has reached 150,000 MMS Mail subscribers in the four months since the launch of the consumer mobile email service this summer.

    SFR’s MMS Mail service, powered by Critical Path’s Memova Messaging technology, is a consumer-oriented mobile email service. Despite market research indicating that consumers want mobile email, many operators have found that the cost and complexity of existing solutions were limiting mass-market adoption.
    “MMS Mail makes it easy for SFR subscribers to access email on the go
    and send and receive multimedia-rich messages on our standard consumer
    mobile phones,” said Jean-François Caillard, Messaging Product Line Director, SFR. “Critical Path’s messaging technology has helped us provide the kind of mobile email service the mass market wants at a price consumers can afford and thus adoption rates have far exceeded our expectations.”
    For just EUR2.50 per month, MMS Mail subscribers can specify, based on sender, which email messages they would like to receive on their mobile phone and have messages from multiple ISP or Web mail accounts pushed to their phone’s inbox. The service works with any MMS-enabled phone and alleviates the need for phone upgrade or installation of  software on the handset.
    “We’ve learned from our experience with operators worldwide that ease-of-use and affordability are key to mass-market adoption,” said Mike Serbinis, CTO, Critical Path. “MMS Mail is a good example of how a mobile email service that is easy to set up and use, has the right price point, and gives subscribers the messages that matter can rapidly attract subscribers.”