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    3GSM NEWS: TTI Telecom streamlines OSS integration


    API Gateway facilitates service management and deployment in dynamic telecom environment

    TTI Team Telecom International , a global supplier of Operations Support Systems (OSS) to communications service providers, announced today that its API Gateway has been validated by successful market trials as an enabler of service management solution deployment through increased flexibility and drastically reduced costs for system integrators and service providers.  The API Gateway incorporates all leading industry standards, while retaining the option for a traditional customized interface, and has already been deployed with its Netrac suite in several locations around the globe.

    In an industry environment where integration can account for the majority – figures up to 80% have been published – of the total costs in any project, the options presented in TTI Telecom’s API Gateway enhance overall efficiency, allowing operators and system integrators to focus on functional OSS aspects rather than on architectural interfacing aspects.  This solution also contributes to flexibility and scalability, allowing service providers and system integrators to deploy TTI Telecom’s Netrac service assurance suite while retaining control of the rest of the OSS and new service deployment.

    “The next-generation environment is very dynamic, and it is increasingly common to find OSS, network and element management systems from various vendors present in the same network,” commented Duby Yoely, VP Solution Engineering at TTI Telecom. “As a result, all buyers of advanced OSS – both system integrators and service providers – will find that standard-compliant APIs such as those included in TTI Telecom’s API Gateway, are an essential component of any solution.”

    The API Gateway features full support for the OSS/J standard JSR-90 with J2EE, and incorporates other options for customized integration as well.  Netrac provides a unified network view integrating fault, performance and service management for a holistic view of service assurance based on all available information sources, including those provided by network resources, application servers, and active monitoring probes. The integration of Netrac FaM and PMM product lines enable service providers to detect and fix problems minimizing adverse impacts on customer service. The PMM xDR utilizes direct service measurement by aggregating and enriching diameter CDRs, IPDRs or SS7 CDRs, as well as enabling drill-down to the individual call level.