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    Take advice from O2 Airwave?


    The Norwegians would

    O2 Airwave will be working with network intergator Siemens to provide consultancy advice on the design and implementation of the network operations for the Norwegian TETRA public safety radio network.

    The agreement is the first deal O2 Airwave has done outside the UK, although the operator has been touting its expertise around for a while.

    O2 Airwave’ operates the UK’s national TETRA communications network now has around 180,000 users.
    It will now use that experience to act as a consultant to Siemens, which has a turn-key contract with the Norwegian authorities for the network and will also provide the control rooms in conjunction with Frequentis as well as operation and maintenance of the network. The first users of the network will be the Norwegian public emergency services of fire, police and health.

    O2 Airwave has stated its intention to expand internationally and is currently pursuing opportunities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.