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    Orange mobilises Bebo


    You’ve got MySpace and YouTube, guess we’ll have Bebo

    Orange has followed Vodafone in the “mobilising web social networking” route by saying UK customers will have access to a mobile version of Bebo from summer 2007.

    How will it work? Bebo Mobile members with a WAP phone will have access to from Orange World, where they can access all the key functionality of the UK’s most popular social network.
    Orange customers will be able to sign up for a “Bebo Bundle” which offers mobile access to and also enables them to send SMS comments directly to their friends’ profile, receive immediate SMS profile notifications, upload photos directly to their profile and send Bebo Mails via SMS. Pricing will be announced when the service launches this summer. Orange will also hope to attract Bebo members onto Orange by designing a package just for them.