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    Anam launches application to person product set


    Product set will accelerate A2P service growth for mobile operators

    Anam, a leading developer of messaging technology today provided the growing Application-to-Person (A2P) MMS market a boost, with the launch of a new product, Eclipse MMS Direct, that will allow operators to rapidly grow their MMS traffic.

    As the next trend in messaging, Anam believes that it has developed the right set of products to accelerate MMS take-up Currently less than 20% of MMS traffic is application-generated, however this is predicted to increase dramatically – and will make up the bulk of the predicted $22bn MMS revenue generated in 2008[1] – once the technology is in place to deliver such messages to consumer handsets in a more affordable and simplified manner.

    “By implementing Anam’s Fair Pay commercial approach we can ensure that the costs of delivering this service is more cost-effective to operators,” says Gerry McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, Anam.

    “Our Fair Pay commercial models help with revenue growth expansion by offering a low-risk approach to both service deployment and expansion. Operators can test this technology within their network with minimal risk as it can be deployed alongside their current set-up. Eclipse MMS Direct is giving operators the opportunity to take full advantage of A2P/P2A MMS now.

    “Anam Fair Pay is about delivering quality products and maintenance services at realistic pricing levels. We recognise the significant investment required by the customer to make services a success and feel the Fair Pay commercial model supports this fully,” said McKenna.

    The Anam Eclipse Product suite employs contemporary designs that reflect the service requirements of the modern Data Service environment: they are fast, efficient, smart, flexible, easy-to-use & cost-effective. The line up includes:

    The Eclipse MM Exchange provides connectivity with every major VAS vendor and equipment for very large numbers of service providers. It streamlines content access for all media types into a single platform architecture and gives operators a single overview of their entire content management business whilst inter-working with all business support systems.

    Eclipse MM Content Manager is a content creation and management system. It allows content and service providers to easily and quickly deploy content services without exposing them to any technical complexity regarding connection to the network. It is a true ‘click ‘n’ go’ service creation environment and comes bundled with a suite of ready to run messaging applications. MM Content Eclipse ensures that all agreed content-delivery service models can be defined and managed within the acceptance criteria of an operator’s business support systems.

    Eclipse SMSX is a high performance fully functional message switch that opens up a new world of personalised SMS services & real-time mass-media services. It seamlessly integrates with all existing SMS application infrastructures whilst also significantly reducing load on the SS7 network. The SMSX offers complete visibility of all SMS traffic and its architecture makes it a simple task to implement ethical service provisions such as anti-spam and barring of malicious traffic sources.

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