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    3 Italy selects P-Cube for network optimisation


    Italian 3G mobile operator Hutchison benefits from network traffic analysis and control improving performance and service delivery

    3GSM World Congress
    P-Cube Inc., the originator of programmable IP Service Control platforms for fixed-line and mobile network operators, has announced 3 Italy (Hutchison), Europe’s first 3G mobile network service provider, as the world’s first mobile network operator (MNO) to select its Service Control Platform and Encharge solution for traffic analysis, control and network optimisation of wireless data services. With P-Cube’s IP service control solution deployed in its Italian operation, 3 Italy will benefit from increased network performance and service delivery to both its pre- and post-paid subscribers.

    By deploying P-Cube’s Service Control solutions, MNOs can gain unprecedented network visibility, control service delivery, and intelligently segment bandwidth on a per application basis. Crucially, these combined functions enable operators to quickly roll out, support and profit from new IP-based services to both pre- and post-paid users.

    “Mobile operators currently have very little insight into the types of data services being run over their networks. Consequently, they are unable to accurately charge for these services on either an application or content basis,” said Yuval Shahar, president and CEO of P-Cube.
    “This results in an inability to properly control pre-paid tariffs or bill for premium services.”
    Shahar added, “when an operator develops a new premium content data service, to match or surpass a competitor, it must have the ability to roll this out and bill correctly in real-time. P-Cube solves this problem ensuring the proliferation of high- margin, revenue generating data services; reducing churn and increasing average revenue per user.”
    P-Cube’s IP service control engine was deployed by Proxy Srl. to provide a solution precisely tailored for 3 Italy’s needs and requirements.
    “P-Cube’s Service Control Platform is a critical part of 3 Italy’s
    infrastructure, optimising network performance and service delivery to the level its subscribers expect,” said Rosario Libraro, CEO at P-Cube’s channel partner Proxy Srl.. “The level of intelligence that P-Cube’s solution delivers specifically addresses 3’s need for traffic analysis, control and billing for premium value IP data services.”
    “3 was particularly impressed with the flexibility and speed of the roll-out we were able to achieve with the Encharge solution,” added Libraro. “As the customer’s requirements inevitably evolved during the installation, the highly programmable nature of the solution to scale and support new services allowed us to accommodate 3 Italy’s needs within a matter of days.”

    P-Cube’s Service Engine is a programmable network element that creates a service intelligence layer that overlays the existing IP transport network and dramatically enhances a carrier’s ability to analyse and optimise application traffic and incorporate new content-based billing models leading to reduced costs and enhanced profits. The Service Engine works with software modules (Engage, Encharge, and Insight) to provide Service Control for any high speed IP network – fixed or mobile.
    P-Cube’s IP Service Control solutions use stateful deep packet analysis to perform application level and user specific bandwidth optimisation. As a result, the solution can separately trace each and every network transaction and extract the required billing information for each and every data service.