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    TeliaSonera opens 3G network


    When TeliaSonera Sweden opens the 3G network today, the spotlight will be on the services and the combined resources and quality of the mobile network. The newly opened 3G network operates from the start with TeliaSonera Sweden’s GSM network, which has been acclaimed as the best in Sweden for many years. All TeliaSonera Sweden’s mobile customers will be able to use both networks and the subscriptions and prices are the same regardless of which network users connect to. Internet by mobile phone is now available using mobile broadband, not only in metropolitan areas but also in one or more densely populated areas in 280 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

    TeliaSonera Sweden customers have long been able to use a variety of Internet services by mobile phone practically nationwide. When TeliaSonera Sweden today opens the 3G network, users will gain access to mobile Internet at broadband speed, initially in one or more densely populated areas in 280 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

    Telia GO includes the best mobile services gathered in a clear and simple menu. The opening of TeliaSonera Sweden’s 3G network means that Telia GO is updated with a new and simpler interface, even better and faster services, improved e-mail that enables users to read several e-mail boxes as well as many new services such as news, sports and video clips from the Swedish Song Contest.

    Certain 3G mobile phones also feature video calling, where you can talk and see the person you are talking to in real time. The price for video calling (for consumers) is SEK 5 per minute, Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and half price at other times. The call initiation fee is SEK 0.50.

    “Our services are primarily focused on simplicity and good service,” says Marie Ehrling, President of TeliaSonera Sweden. “That is why we are not differentiating between 3G and GSM. Whether our customers use their mobile phones to make calls or to send e-mail or pay bills, they should never have to wonder which network they are using.” 

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