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    Zinek upgrades SMS engine for banking


    The secure SMS Banking service component enables corporate institutions to deploy interactive mobile banking services to their customers

    Zinek, the leading developer of automated content display and interactive information over mobile and broadband networks, announced today the upgrade of its SMS Engine server with secure SMS Banking functionality to facilitate its growing number of institutional clients around the world.  The secure SMS Banking components run over HTTPS / SOAP, and can facilitate numerous banking commands over the mobile data network securely.

    In the last two years there has been a surge in mobile messaging, both in consumer and business markets. Over one billion text messages are now sent daily. Most SMS solutions, however, are still based on proprietary technologies, are costly to purchase and deploy, and give rise to the growing concern about the security and reliability of SMS services.  The SMS Engine Server is an out-of-the-box solution based on open Web services standards. It is designed to deliver high capacity, secure and reliable messaging, and can process more than 100 mobile messages per second.

    “SMS Banking applications are really coming to the forefront in user terms – from getting a quick bank balance update, to transferring money from one account to another, or even to get a quick check on the last 5 banking transactions.  These simple end user service commands are what drives banking institutions to secure SMS Banking service like ours” says Paul Kinsella, Marketing Director, Zinek.

    The SMS Engine is quite possibly the most powerful communicative application on the market today that not only gives large organizations the edge in the market, but also provides the tenacity to be the forerunner in new mobile technological service offerings.

    “Already today, Zinek’s SMS Engine servers are in the customer delivery phase with SMS Banking, and over the coming weeks Zinek will be announcing a number of exciting deployment”, states Zidane Nekmouche, CEO, Zinek.  “Zinek software servers are gaining the deployment experience and we foresee tremendous sales growth in the second and third quarter of this year,” he continues.

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