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    Sony Ericsson unveils new EDGE PC Cards


    Following the successful launch of the GC82 EDGE PC Card to the
    American market, Sony Ericsson unveiled today two new additions to its family of EDGE products – the GC83 and GC85 EDGE PC Cards. Both PC Cards offer increased speed and extended coverage; enhancing the wireless connectivity experience of the mobile professional.

    There is a growing trend and need for wireless data communication solutions and there is a demand for a mobile computing solution that promises wireless accessibility, fast data speeds, and true global mobility.  Sony Ericsson’s EDGE PC Cards and the personal laptop are the answer for those who want to work efficiently and effectively when on the move, out of the office. The GC83 and GC85 offer the power and ease to surf the Internet, download files, connect to the
    corporate networks and manage e-mail from just about anywhere.

    Speed – When connected to the GSM/EDGE networks, users can enjoy data speeds three times faster than GPRS. This means greatly improve  downloading speeds which are very useful for downloading e-mails with large attachments wirelessly.

    Coverage – The triple band (GSM 850, 1800 and 1900) GC83 specially targets the American Markets. GC83 works in the Americas, as well as Europe and Asia (where above networks are available). The GC85, also a tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) EDGE PC Card, targets the European and
    Asia Pacific markets. The GC85 provides global coverage in all five continents.

    The non-extended type II PC Card with a detachable antenna is a distinctive design of the Sony Ericsson’s PC Cards. The slim and compact EDGE PC Card allows users to keep the card in the laptop at all times – giving them convenient and instant access. Since the PC Cards are powered by the user’s laptop, no extra chargers or cables are required.

    “The mobile professional wants more than simply keeping in touch with his clients and colleagues when out of the office. He wants to be able to work while on the move. He needs to be sure that his laptop is plugged into the office network, so that he can collaborate with his colleagues and clients in ‘real time’. Sony Ericsson is able to meet that need,” says Anders Franzén, Corporate Vice President and Head of Sony Ericsson M2M Communications Unit.

    GC83 will be available in Q2 to the American markets.  GC85 will first be available to EMEA in Q4 and then subsequently in other markets.

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