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    Actix provides Push-To-Talk Service optimization For GSM/GPRS networks


    GPRS wireless performance engineering solution supports rapid
    troubleshooting and optimization of “walkie-talkie” style communications using mobile phones.

    Actix, the global provider of wireless performance engineering solutions, has today announced that its GPRS IVS solution supports the rapid troubleshooting and optimization of Push-To-Talk (PTT) services. Actix’ ability to deliver this new PTT optimization and troubleshooting solution has been enabled by Actix’ support for standard PTT protocols used in CDMA and GPRS networks, combined with the company’s
    existing support for end-to-end synchronization and  visualization of wireless network data sets.

    Troubleshooting PTT services is difficult when only using fixed network measurements, or only mobile test data. However, by using Actix’ GPRS IVS solution, wireless operators can combine these two different sets of data to form end-to-end views of PTT sessions. This not only enables specific problems such as latency and packet loss to be diagnosed, but it also allows engineers to determine where problems are occurring.

    Actix wireless performance engineering solutions are entirely vendor independent and enable operators to analyze raw wireless network data from a mix of network technologies, systems and data collection solutions in fine detail. This gives an end-to-end picture of vital wireless functions and the
    quality of service delivery from the subscriber’s perspective; it also enables engineers to ‘drill down’ to the root cause of any deficiencies. Some of the operators using Actix’ solutions include: Nokia Taiwan, Nokia Japan, SKT Korea, FET Taiwan, Orange France, 02 Germany, 3GIS, Hutchison 3G, Swisscom, Mobilkom, Vodafone UK, Vodafone Ireland, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Bell Mobility, Sprint PCS, and Qwest Wireless.

    Duncan Vardy, Head of Product Management, Actix said, “Actix’ expertise in wireless performance engineering comes from delivering vendor-independent solutions to analyze data for all major wireless vendors and technologies, to over 170 wireless operators worldwide. Actix solutions are behind the
    optimization and troubleshooting of the PTT service rolled out in the US by Nextel, the only wireless operator to offer the service nationwide. The competing PTT services launched by the US’s largest mobile operator, Verizon, and Sprint, both in 2003, are also supported by Actix solutions.

    Vardy continued, “Combining Actix’ support for standard PTT protocols such as RTP and SIP with our software’s ability to enable end-to-end synchronization and visualization of multiple data sets, has meant that we have already been able to fully integrate PTT optimization and troubleshooting functionality into our wireless performance engineering solutions, including GPRS IVS. This will enable GSM/GPRS operators worldwide
    to quickly and successfully deploy PTT services, which have so far proved to be a very positive additional revenue stream.”

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