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    Hutchison Whampoa Limited issues results


    Hutchison Whampoa Limited today issued their full year results in Hong Kong. As part of these results the company released updated trading information on 3 UK and 3 markets globally.

    The Highlights for 3 UK are:
    • 3 has added 151,000 customers since December 12 2003, giving a total customer base of 361,000
    • 3 has maintained its high ARPU, which now stands at £45
    • ThreePay, its pay-as-you-go offer, has been well received by retailers and consumers since its launch
    • 3 has significantly increased its handset portfolio with the launch of the NEC e313, NEC e616 and Motorola A925
    • 3 in the UK now has over 75% population coverage for video mobile services and 99% for voice and text
    • A focus on customer service and network optimisation has seen significant improvements in customer care and network reliability
    • 3 products and services are now available in over 3,200 shops across the UK

    The 3 group of companies also announced the following today:
    3 now has 1,038,000 customers globally
    3 Italy has 453,000 customers
    3 Hong Kong has 36,500 customers

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