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    T-Mobile’s WiFi service goes


    T-Mobile has simplified its public WLAN ‘HotSpot’ service, offering a standardised pricing structure across all five of its European markets.

    WLAN users in the UK, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands can access the service more conveniently than ever, using the new ‘HotSpot subscription’ tariff, available from today, and the existing ‘HotSpot Pass’.

    In line with T-Mobile’s strategy of simple, seamless communications, detailed at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes last month, customers across Europe can now pay for HotSpot services in 15-minute blocks, or in time bundles of 1, 3 or 24 hours. The new pricing structure provides simple, convenient access to HotSpot services for all users, whether at home or abroad.

    WLAN roaming is now available across six T-Mobile markets, including the USA, with the HotSpot Subscription. Roaming with this tariff is seamless – there is no need to use a different username or password when travelling between participating markets.

    Martin Witt, Executive Vice President WLAN at T-Mobile, commented: “HotSpot users across Europe can now access wireless, broadband internet services at attractive rates. Customers can surf the internet, browse their company intranet, or quickly read their e-mails, in more HotSpot locations than ever before.”