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    Alliance take steps for mobile/ WLAN connectivity


    Birdstep, Gemplus and Alcatel join for service continuity offer

    Alcatel , a worldwide leader in telecommunications network equipment, applications and services, Birdstep Technology, a global provider of Mobile IP software client technology and Gemplus International, the world’s leading provider of smart card based solutions, announced today an alliance to jointly develop, promote and market the industry’s most secure solution for seamless service continuity between GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS or CDMA mobile networks and WLAN. This alliance will also apply to emerging technologies such as WiMAX.

    This collaboration will enable users of laptops and PDAs to have an “always best  connected”  experience  at  any time, and to seamlessly profit from a smart  card  (SIM)  based  secure  handover  between  heterogeneous  access networks, ensuring the highest data rate, relying on a single subscription.

    Alcatel  will  integrate  the  new  Birdstep’s intelligent Mobile IP client software into its Evolium multi-access offering. This will enable seamless roaming  across multiple  access networks, with a smart card (SIM) enabled client software designed by Gemplus for secured wireless communications and  transactions. This  unique  combination will provide mobile operators with the best of breed solution for secure mobile broadband service continuity.

    All  it  requires  is the client software to be installed on the end-users’ Mobile/WLAN  enabled  laptop  or PDA and the SIM card to be integrated in a PCMCIA card inside the laptop. In the near future, the SIM will be in a USB key  plugged onto the PDA, or simply inside a BlueTooth-enabled handset. As soon  as  users  pass  by  a WLAN hot spot, the intelligent client software automatically  notifies  the  end-user  of  broadband services availability directly accessed in a totally transparent manner.

    “The  Birdstep Mobile IP client software has evolved to meet the demands of infrastructure  vendors  and  other  component  vendors who want to provide seamless  mobility  with their solutions”, commented Jørgen Bredesen, chief executive   officer  of Birdstep Technology. “By jointly creating end-to-end
    seamless  solutions  for  operators,  our alliance with Alcatel and Gemplus will  provide  a  one-stop-shop  for  the market in need of secure seamless mobility.”

    “The Gemplus smart card authentication solution allows service providers to offer a totally reliable and convenient tool for accessing a network, WLAN, GPRS  or  even  3G,  while  providing  the  same user experience”, declared Jacques  Seneca,  Executive  Vice  President,  Gemplus Business Development Group. “The partnership with Alcatel and Birdstep establishes a consistent offer for providing a unique experience for seamless mobile data access via a laptop or a PDA.”

    “Alcatel’s  vision  is to consider the end-user at the center of the mobile experience by offering solutions guaranteeing totally transparent access to services from any device, regardless of the access technology,” stated Marc Rouanne,  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  Alcatel’s  mobile activities. “Our
    alliance  with Birdstep and Gemplus supports this strategy and allows us to provide   operators   with   new   business   opportunities  based  on  the complementary  interaction  of  their  mobile  networks  today  with  WLAN, tomorrow with WiMAX.”

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