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    VIPnet enters 3G by launching EDGE technology


    Telekom Austria today announced the launch of its EDGE network through its Croatian mobile subsidiary VIPnet. The Croatian mobile provider is integrating EDGE technology into its network accelerating the transition from GSM to the third mobile generation. Thus, it is the first operator in Croatia to launch a high speed 3G mobile data transmission technology. VIPnet plans to reach 90 percent EDGE-coverage of the Croatian population by July 1, 2004.  It will then be among the first mobile operators in Europe to achieve national 3G blanket coverage.

    EDGE enables data rates up to 384 kbps. The speed depends on the quality of signal, number of customers and mobile phones that are being used. There are still no phones on the market that support over four time slots in download so maximum rates in the first phase will be up to 220 kbps. Network upgrade to EDGE does not require building of new base stations.