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    Am-Beo settles on nSettlement


    Third announcement from new product portfolio focuses on content issues

    Am-Beo, a global leader in rating, charging and revenue settlement software, today announced the availability of a new addition to their product portfolio, nSettlement.

    nSettlement is a product designed to address the complexities of partner management and revenue allocation in the digital content industry which includes wireless service providers, portals, cable operators, ADSL/DSL providers and on-line advertisers. The industry faces several challenges in managing the revenue sharing agreements required to deliver content-related products to consumers. nSettlement is designed specifically to solve these revenue settlement challenges.

    Content services, such as ring tones, games and news sources, are increasingly popular, providing a rapidly growing revenue source but also requiring the distribution of this revenue between all parties involved in the delivery process. A key feature of nSettlement is its ability to support customized agreements because each revenue share contract can be quite different.

    In addition, the variety and number of partners involved is large and escalating. This expanding group of partners is multi-tiered and multi-faceted including wholesale, retail, service providers, communications operators, content aggregators, content developers and copyrights management. The agreements become even more complicated as they frequently cross international boundaries. nSettlement calculates and appropriates the revenue generated, and the costs incurred, from every transaction, to each member of this value chain.

    nSettlement also provides the ability to review the status of revenue allocations for each partner agreement, any time during the settlement cycle. The timely nature of nSettlement assures an accurate status of revenue flow and aids in threshold, performance and financial analysis.

    “These revenue sharing agreements can be subject to volume commitments and thresholds as well as advertising and royalty models,” stated Jason Briggs, program manager with The Yankee Group. “As service providers introduce more premium content partners to their network, the need for solutions such as nSettlement will only become more acute as these providers manage increasingly complex partner pricing scenarios as well as service level profitability.”

    “From our work with existing customers, we understand the unique requirements of the industry. Consequently, we designed nSettlement to support capabilities like a variable delivery chain, where, for example, one partner could be involved at several points,” said Am-Beo CEO Mike Murphy. “In addition, nSettlement is designed to easily interface with an existing OSS infrastructure, not replace it. This minimizes expense and risk while adding the required support for revenue sharing agreements.”

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