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    Turn your laptop into a videophone


    Dilithium Networks brings 3G videoconferencing to the laptop

    Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions announced today the release of VT Phone which transforms any laptop PC equipped with a 3G data card into a 3G device. VT Phone, jointly developed by Dilithium Networks and Singapore-based LineFusion, dramatically increases the installed base for 3G services by enabling laptop users to make two-way video telephony calls to any 3G terminal.

    VT Phone is a Microsoft Windows-based software application that incorporates Dilithium Networks’ patent pending AnswerFast technology. This reduces call setup times by up to 70% to less than 3.5 seconds compared with the 6-10 seconds video telephony call set-up time typically required by existing 3G handsets. VT Phone provides a feature rich and fully customizable GUI that provides separate windows for incoming and outgoing videos, a dial pad and call status window.

    Lee Ellison, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Marketing with Dilithium Networks, said, “Video calling is an important differentiator for 3G operators that need to rapidly expand uptake of such advanced services. By extending the use of 3G services to any laptop user, VT Phone greatly increases the potential number of subscribers capable of initiating and receiving video calls and can play an important part in driving incremental revenues”

    VT Phone will be marketed to 3G mobile Operators and wireless data card suppliers. The application’s look and feel may be customised to meet the branding needs of individual operators and vendors and also interfaces to contact management applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, etc.

    VT Phone is being jointly developed by Dilithium Networks and Singapore-based LineFusion.  LineFusion is a developer of mobile solutions designed to harness new capabilities in mobile networks and devices to deliver rich content and innovative applications with excellent user experience.

    VT Phone complies with the 3GPP 3G-324M and ITU-T H.324M standards which are the protocols of choice for offering conversational multimedia services such as video telephony, video conferencing, video mail and real-time streaming over 3G networks. VT Phone is fully compatible with new 3G UMTS cards which support 64 kbps circuit switched data.   

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