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    DA Group launches StereoTypes for 3G


    Leading mobile content provider DA Group has released the 3G version of its peer to peer MMS messaging solution, StereoTypes, providing an improved service for network operators and the ever growing number of 3G handset users.

    The StereoTypes platform turns text messages into talking character video messages that reflect the mood of the text that has been entered by the sender. It already brings huge consumer appeal to the ubiquitous world of messaging and, as a result, drives increased data traffic and revenues for mobile operators. StereoTypes has been deployed by mobile network operators in the Philippines , Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and is being deployed in the UK this year.

    The arrival of StereoTypes 3G brings all the functionality, features and character of the original 2.5G version and complements it with a number of added benefits to make messaging even more engaging, memorable and fun. The increased bandwidth available on 3G networks allows for a number of improvements to the system in terms of usability and delivery, including faster download capability, better user experience for creation and playback of messages, talking avatar video content offering sharper pictures and colours, improved audio content and increased file size availability.

    StereoTypes 3G brings all the characters from the original version but gives more control to network operators. StereoTypes 3G can be configured to meet their specific requirements including; new characters, sound effects, message formats and file sizes, number of frames per message, optional text to speech functionality, original text display, colour and resolution, user instructions, network branding, language options and user interface options (SMS, Wap, Web).

    The most striking difference has to be the integration of the text to speech engine with full motion video. Characters are now able to speak the words entered by the sender whilst performing their quirky animations. This synergy combined with the auto mood detection adds more impact to the animations than ever before.

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