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    Mix your own music on your smartphone


    SSEYO miniMIXA on Windows Mobile based Smartphone marks start of exciting new era for mobile music making

    The SSEYO miniMIXA audio application for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices will make its world debut this weekend as it plays a Futuresonic Sound System dance set at FutureDJ, part of the ISEA2004 arts festival, featuring Drew Hemment (Manchester), Teemu Metsälä (Manchester/Helsinki), and fuchs-eckermann (Vienna/Manchester).

    Drew Hemment, Director of the Futuresonic Festival, will use the application on a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone to create stunning on-the-fly mixes for a crowd of devoted music lovers from all over the world. The revolutionary SSEYO miniMIXA, powered by intent from Tao Group,will soon be available on Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and
    Pocket PCs.

    Incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use, SSEYO miniMIXA is the feature-packed, multi-channel audio mixer and recording studio application for the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Featuring a wide range of per-channel sound effects, visualisers and supporting a number of DJ-like mixing
    techniques, it provides an exhilarating and enjoyable mobile music making experience for all. An intuitive interface makes it simple for a user to create mixes from a collection of included beats, basses, chords, leads and sounds and then apply per-track sound effects – resulting in an almost infinite number of different possible and exciting combinations. Music and
    mixes created by users can be saved and played for fun, sent to friends by MMS or stored on the phone as a unique ringtone.

    SSEYO miniMIXA supports content in a range of standard audio and MIDI formats, as well as the new innovative SKM format that allows use of modular synthesis and the Koan generative music engine. Additional themed content packs, SSEYO MIXApaks, will be available for purchase at the time SSEYO miniMIXA is available pre-installed in mobile phones and PDAs.

    For mobile network operators and device manufacturers SSEYO miniMIXA is a very cool music application that gives customers the means to personalise their phone experience and have fun creating content they may wish to share with others. The availability of additional content packs keeps SSEYO miniMIXA fresh and allows the operators to generate additional revenue streams and grow retail channel models.

    For musicians, songwriters and the creative community SSEYO miniMIXA can both open doors to new audiences and provide a new creative dimension to DJ’ing, mixing and composition. Tao Group will soon announce audio partners for the first wave of SSEYO miniMIXA content packs and welcomes the interest of new artists and music owners who would like to be involved in
    this ground-breaking opportunity. SSEYO MIXApaks can include custom background imagery that displays each time a mix is created from the pack, so providing strong visual branding opportunities for content partners.

    As a dedicated ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for Windows Mobile-based devices, SSEYO miniMIXA can be deployed immediately.

    Tim Cole, co-founder of SSEYO and now Head of Audio at Tao Group said, “Try jamming with two or more phones featuring SSEYO miniMIXA and you will understand why the mobile phone is the next electric guitar! That SSEYO can bring far-reaching and innovative music applications like this to the
    mainstream mobile market to underpin significant new value chain opportunities is thanks to Tao and Tao’s amazing partners.”

    “It is fantastic to see innovative and exciting applications like the SSEYO miniMIXA enabling users of Windows Mobile-based devices to do so much more with their Smartphones and Pocket PCs,” offered Simeon Payne, European Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices Division. “Enabling budding DJs to mix music wherever they are in the world mean that they can capture innovative ideas as soon as they pop into their head. From mixing music to managing travel arrangements; the rich
    applications developed by our partners for the Windows Mobile platform offer an indication of the ways in which software is enabling people to do more with their mobile devices today.”

    ISEA2004 takes place between 14th and 22nd August.  During this week the Baltic Sea becomes the center of electronic music, new media research, art and design.  ISEA2004 is the 12th Symposium on Electronic Arts, organised for the first time in two capital cities and a ferry between them.

    FutureDJ is an independent artist led project by Roger,  fuchs-eckerman, Roger Lyons (Major Tweaks) and Drew Hemment (Futuresonic Sound System).

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