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    Enpocket Mobile Media Monitor reveals wider use of mobile technologies


    Enpocket, the leading mobile marketing solutions provider, has unveiled the findings from the latest Mobile Media Monitor.  The quarterly analysis from Enpocket Insight helps marketers and mobile network operators understand the changing patterns of mobile usage. 

    The latest report show that, contrary to popular belief, mobile phone penetration is still growing in the UK.  Penetration is up from 72% in October 2003 when the first Mobile Media Monitor was conducted, to 82% today.  The older demographics are leading this growth.  Penetration in the 65+ age group has risen by 35% – from 43% to 58%.

    Mobile phones are also being used in more sophisticated ways by consumers.  MMS usage has more than doubled from 9% in the first study to 19% today.  This is highly correlated to the increased penetration of camera phones – penetration of camera phones has also more than doubled from 12% to 26%.  This trend is being led by the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups.

    Bluetooth is another advanced feature that is being used more frequently.  7% of consumers are now using bluetooth compared to 3% in October 2003.

    The Mobile Media Monitor highlights the increasing importance of mobile content to the consumer.  13% of mobile phone owners have downloaded a polyphonic ring tone, up from 6%, and 5% have downloaded a Java game, up from 3% in the first Mobile Media Monitor.

    The analysis also uncovers increased media interactivity via the mobile phone.  8% of respondents have used SMS with a TV station, up from 6%, and 4% have interacted with a radio show using the medium, up from 2%.

    “As mobile consumers mature and start to use their devices in more advanced ways, the opportunities for marketers are broadening.  Mobile Media Monitor continues to enable our clients to keep their finger on the pulse and consequently decipher which forms of mobile marketing work best for their audience,” said Jonathon Linner, CEO, Enpocket.

    Phase 4 of the Mobile Media Monitor (UK) analysis was based on 1,000 telephone interviews undertaken by ICM for Enpocket Insight in July 2004, and relates to the period May 2004 – July 2004.  The base was representative of UK mobile phone usage.

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