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    O2 will bring out follow-up to XDAII


    Having secured over a third of the UK’s wireless handheld market with the Xda II, O2 today announced its intention to introduce the Xda IIs. This new device will include new enhancements to the integrated PDA and mobile handset, whilst retaining the core functions of the original Xda II platform that have proved so popular with both consumer and business customers.  The Xda IIs will be available in the UK and Ireland on 1st November 2004 and Germany by the end of the year.

    Aimed primarily at the professional user, the Windows Mobile based Xda lls offers a number of new features over the original XdaII. The biggest addition is a 39-key, slide-out QWERTY keyboard for added usability. This user-friendly addition enables customers to use the device more easily for applications such as email, contacts, calendar, texting and editing using well known Microsoft Office tools. The new device will also include BlackBerry Connect from early 2005.

    The Xda IIs also boasts a 25% increase in battery life over the original Xda II, as well as enhanced WLAN capabilities and quad band connectivity, all of which will be of particular benefit to those customers frequently out of the office or those that travel regularly.

    Laurence Alexander, Director of Products and Devices at O2 UK said, “The Xda series has been extremely successful and having gained top reviews across the industry, it is now recognised as a leader in its field.

    By combining a high specification product, cutting-edge functionality, quality features, contemporary design and competitive pricing and packages, we have no doubt that this new device will continue to win new customers and ultimately market share. It demonstrates our commitment in leading in the mobile data space and offering the best customer experience through technological innovation.”

    Early next year, O2 will also be launching the Xda IIi a Windows Mobile based device that runs on the latest Windows 2003 2nd edition software and is faster than the Xda II due to its advanced Intel PXA270 processor, which runs at 520MHz. The device also upgrades from a 0.3Mp to 1.3 Mp camera, which gives significantly higher quality pictures. This makes it a preferable option for those who regularly use the camera function and want a device with a slightly faster performance.

    Launched in November 2003, more than 100,000 Xda ll devices have been sold by O2 in the UK, Germany, Ireland and throughout Asia Pacific.  Sales continue to show steady growth with the device gaining approximately 20% market share overall across the countries in which O2 operates in just six months since its launch.

    The Xda II has proved a popular choice for both consumers and corporate customers alike. O2 recently announced that the Xda II achieved over a third of the wireless handheld market in the UK and this is set to grow with the continued uptake of mobile technology from companies such as Cantor Index, London Borough of Lewisham and the Sadie Frost fashion label Frost French.

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