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    CPS Receives Investment From Andrew Corporation


    Andrew Corporation is investing an undisclosed amount in CPS (Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd), a mobile location technology developer. The investment strengthens the relationship between the two companies and their joint development of innovative high accuracy mobile locating solutions for the global GSM and 3G cellular markets

    CPS and Andrew previously announced in February the formation of a partnership to develop a new generation of wireless caller locating products that offer significant performance and cost advantages for applications such as commercial location-based services, public safety, and security.

    “This investment strengthens our balance sheet and will fund further development of our Matrix products and technology,” said Chris Wade, chief executive officer of CPS. “Both CPS and Andrew are fully committed to the delivery of fast, accurate, low cost mobile locating solutions to help unlock the vast potential of location-based services for mobile network operators. Andrew’s E911 market strength in the U.S. will be a significant benefit to this partnership.”

    “Our investment in CPS is another indicator that we continually innovate with effective and efficient new technologies in our mobile locating systems,” said Terry Garner, Andrew president of network solutions. “Andrew continues to support customers with the most technologically flexible and cost-effective high-performance GSM mobile locating platform, supporting a broad global spectrum of location-sensitive applications.”

    The two companies will integrate CPS’ Matrix software-only mobile locating solution into Andrew’s Geometrix® product line as part of a flexible suite that applies multiple caller location techniques. Geometrix provides mobile location data for applications such as commercial location-based services (LBS), public safety, and security. Already a leading supplier of wireless caller location systems, Andrew Corporation will license the CPS Matrix solutions for global distribution beginning in the fourth quarter of 2004.

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