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    Trimble Introduces New Ultra-Low Power Miniature GPS Module


    Trimble introduced today a new ultra-low power miniature Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver—the Lassen iQ module for mobile devices. With major advancements in performance, sensitivity and power consumption, the Lassen iQ module enables system integrators to easily add GPS capability to mobile devices at a very economical price.

    The Lassen iQ module will be showcased next week at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.

    The 12-channel Lassen iQ module is fully compatible with Trimble’s popular Lassen SQ module. In addition, the Lassen iQ module features two GPS signal sensitivity modes: Standard and Enhanced. With Enhanced mode enabled, the module automatically switches to higher sensitivity when satellite signals are weak. The module also supports Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) download of critical startup information for fast acquisition. This aided GPS (A-GPS) startup provides hot start performance for each power-up, making it ideal for today’s mobile applications.

    Adding new functionality and finding ways to reduce power and size for mobile, battery-powered applications are key in today’s wireless world. Trimble’s Lassen iQ is a power saving module that even in continuous operation requires less than 90 milliwatts at 3.3 VDC. The Lassen iQ’s ultra-low power gives developers flexibility to achieve significant reductions in power consumption when adding GPS capability. And with the Lassen iQ module’s postage-stamp size (~26mm x 26mm x 6mm), integrators can easily fit GPS functionality into a variety of mobile products.

    The Lassen iQ is a high-performance GPS module. It incorporates Trimble’s patented FirstGPS“ technology along with a powerful microprocessor in a small form factor for a complete position velocity and time (PVT) solution. The highly integrated module is a small board containing a GPS hardware core based on Trimble’s Colossus“ RF ASIC and IO-S digital signal processor (DSP) design and a 32-bit RISC CPU. The module offers onboard data storage in flash memory for complete processing capability.

    The Lassen iQ module is compatible with active 3.3 VDC antennas; Trimble provides three models depending on the application—an ultra-compact embedded antenna, a compact unpackaged antenna or a compact packaged antenna with a magnetic mount for moveable installation.

    Development kits include: the Lassen iQ GPS module mounted on an interface board in a durable metal enclosure, a magnetic mount antenna, an ultra-compact embedded antenna, an AC/DC power adapter, a serial interface cable, a cigarette lighter adapter, a reference manual, and GPS toolkit software for communication with the GPS module.

    The Lassen iQ GPS module and developers kit is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2004 through Trimble’s worldwide sales organization.

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