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    New Java Wapaka MIDlet offers customized access to mobile content


    Digital Airways introduces Wapaka MIDlet, the version of its Wapaka micro-browser that exists in the form of a component
    to be integrated to a MIDlet. A MIDlet is a small Java application conform to the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) and MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) specification.

    Wapaka MIDlet is designed to help content providers offer customized access to their content from J2ME-equipped mobile phones.

    Many content-based MIDlets require browsing capabilities, but content providers rarely have the time and resources to develop their own browsing technology, which needs to be optimized on resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones.

    “Until Wapaka MIDlet, content providers had to choose to develop their applications either in a pure browser environment, which limits the features and hence the quality of the customer experience, or in a pure native, procedural Java code, which can be complex to develop” says the company.
    “With Wapaka MIDlet, they can now easily add browsing capabilities to their own MIDlet, reducing time to market and development costs, while focusing on their own area of expertise.”

    Wapaka MIDlet is based on the Wapaka micro-browsing technology, which has been developed since 2000 and is deployed worldwide. Wapaka complies with J2ME, MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0, it supports WML1, WML2, XHTML Basic MP with
    CSS, and cHTML, and provides advanced features such as online and off-line management (upload and download) allowing download of files to be browsed offline. In addition, Wapaka has a very small footprint (60 to 180Kb depending on options).

    Delivered as a component, Wapaka MIDlet allows content providers to customize its features for specific use and maximum performance.

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