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    Axalto launches SIM-based gaming application


    Axalto today announced the launch of Casimo, a SIM-based word game application that builds on the growing popularity of mobile entertainment.

    Casimo enables subscribers, regardless of their handset, to play popular word/number games like Hangman, Anagrams and Countdown found in every newspaper or magazine.  As an identifiable and huge user segment, word games followers thus represent an eminently exploitable target audience for operators. With its suite of popular, easy-to-play word games, Casimo helps operators address this audience’s specific needs via the SIM, and thus build a compelling loyalty proposition.

    Applications which help operators to better target certain customer profiles and retain subscribers represent a significant operational saving on acquisition costs. Casimo, being SIM-based and handset independent, is cheap and fast to implement, enabling operators to both personalize their service portfolio based on subscriber type and widen their offer.

    “As games become more elaborate, their uptake becomes limited,” said Philippe Vrignaud, Mobile Communications Director at Axalto. “It also takes time to download sophisticated games which can be an expensive proposition for the end-user. Casimo offers games with universal appeal to users and while doing so it also affords operators a cost effective and easy to implement loyalty boosting argument.”

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