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    Direct and store and forward SMS in the same solution


    Integrated approach from LogicaCMG

    LogicaCMG today launched its Direct-delivery Messaging Router (DMR), an integrated Short Message Service (SMS) solution that gives mobile operators worldwide direct, flexible and cost-efficient SMS delivery. DMR is the first solution to market that addresses the issues in deploying message routing in an integral manner.

    The world of SMS has changed. Whilst factors such as performance, scalability and quality of service remain important to mobile operators; cost savings and ease of integration of new and existing solutions have become the key focus for many due to increasingly competitive mobile markets.

    LogicaCMG’s DMR combines direct delivery of messages with store and forward on a single platform. This functionality can be delivered as a software option, and the ease of deployment and simple integration of LogicaCMG’s DMR into existing messaging environments ensures mobile operators don’t have to make any additional investments whilst at the same time delivering maximum cost savings and low cost of ownership.

    The DMRcan also be delivered as a new standalone SMS message router and can be integrated into any messaging infrastructure that an operator may already have in place. This integrated deployment of LogicaCMG’s DMR provides optimized cost savings across the entire messaging infrastructure and flexibility in mixing all traffic types with no additional complexity.

    In terms of quality of service and performance, LogicaCMG’s DMR built-in store and forward capability provides a robust, consistent service with no additional load on the operator’s network. The LogicaCMG DMR maximises performance because it works on the principle of never losing a message, whether direct or retried, providing the operator with optimal traffic management without expending valuable network capacity or compromising reliability to subscribers.

    Chris McDermott, CEO of LogicaCMG’s telecoms business, said: “The addition of the DMR to our next generation messaging portfolio answers a market demand to provide a cost-effective and competitive solution for all operators that want to optimise their messaging infrastructure. Additionally it offers all our existing customers immediate access to all integrated features and benefits without introducing necessary costs.”

    LogicaCMG’s DMR can be delivered in three versions:

    *    Onboard: a software option that is available to customers with an existing LogicaCMG SMSC and that want to minimise their operational expenditure and capital expenditure immediately
    *    Standalone with integrated retry engine: combines direct delivery and retry of messages on a single platform

    *    Standalone: offers SMS direct delivery only. For retried
     messages this system is easily integrated with an existing SMSC

    The LogicaCMG DMR is available for all network types – GSM, UMTS, CDMA and TDMA. It is fully integrated with LogicaCMG’s next generation messaging solution that offers an integrated environment for key data services such as SMS, MMS and WAP, as well as voice and video messaging.

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