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    Testing 3G


    Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions, an Aeroflex company, has announced its enhanced and upgraded 3G base station test system, the 6413A. The 6413A has been designed to help network operators rigorously test their networks prior to roll-out and to guarantee continued quality of service. It is expected to replicate the success of RIWS’ market leading 6113 base station test system used by virtually every manufacturer and operator in the world with sales standing at over 2,000 units.

    Traditional base station test systems focus on transmitter testing mainly because receiver testing is inherently complex and difficult. The 6413A’s lub control is a unique feature allowing network operators to carry out both receiver and transmitter testing. Operators that conduct transmitter only tests or just use a test mobile to make test calls risk failing to meet their expected quality of service. This feature makes the 6413A unrivalled in the level of test coverage it can provide and the thoroughness with which operators can test all aspects of a base station’s performance. In addition to increasing confidence levels in the performance of 3G networks as they are rolled out, a further benefit of receiver testing is that it allows operators to identify any gradual degradation in base station performance that may be missed by conventional network monitoring tools.

    Commenting on the importance of the 6413A to the industry, Stephen Hire, RIWS’ marketing manager said, “As mobile networks have matured, subscribers have become less tolerant of poor quality of service. This makes it all the more important for network operators to ensure that their base stations are properly installed and then adequately maintained on an ongoing basis.”

    The new 6413A is more compact for increased portability and is even easier to use than its predecessor the 6413, incorporating embedded touch-screen technology. Orders are now being taken and the majority of initial sales are expected in Europe and APAC.

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