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    New Siemens Communications Group ready for business


    The newly founded Siemens Communications Group started operations today on October 1, 2004.

    The merger of the former Siemens fixed and mobile communications units – IC Networks and IC Mobile – has created one of the world’s largest suppliers in the telecommunications sector. In terms of sales, Siemens Communications shares rank three with Motorola, behind Nokia and Cisco.

    The new Group, which is currently represented in more than 160 countries, is headed by Lothar Pauly and subdivided into the three segments Carrier Networks, Enterprise Networks and Devices, with a total of eight divisions. Its Group Executive Management has five members: Lothar Pauly is the Group President and is also in charge of fixed and mobile networks in the carrier segment; Michael Kutschenreuter is responsible for finances; Anton Hendrik Schaaf holds the post of Chief Technology Officer and also oversees the Group’s carrier service business; Andy W. Mattes is responsible for enterprise business; and Thorsten Heins heads the Devices unit.

    “Siemens Communications has a clear, two-pronged strategy,” explains Lothar Pauly. “First, we plan to expand our established business toward end-to-end solutions, from the core network to devices. Second, we will be consolidating our role as a trendsetter in convergence solutions for fixed and mobile networks, public and private networks, and multifunctional devices. Here, we already have a good head start in terms of innovations.” Pauly goes on to explain that Siemens Communications is currently the only supplier capable of offering its customers a complete portfolio that covers everything from devices for end-users to complex network infrastructures for enterprises and operators, along with associated lifecycle and professional services.

    The Devices segment is subdivided into the three divisions Mobile Devices, Customer Premises Equipment and Wireless Modules, which offer a complete portfolio of multifunctional devices for fixed networks, mobile networks and wireless access, thus enabling a wide range of mobile solutions. The Devices portfolio includes mobile, cordless and system telephones, broadband modems and radio modules.

    The Mobile Devices division is headed by Clemens Joos, with Paul Reitmeier in charge of Customer Premises Equipment and Jose Costa e Silva heading Wireless Modules.

    The Carrier Networks segment consists of the three divisions Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks and Carrier Services. Carrier Networks provides the complete infrastructure, applications, turnkey solutions (including broadband) and a full portfolio of professional services for mobile network and fixed network operators. On the basis of its fixed/mobile convergence concept, Siemens offers operators of hybrid networks common platforms, applications and broadband solutions for all access types and services.

    In addition to being number one in digital telephone switching systems (with more than 300 million installed ports) and in IP convergence solutions, Siemens is a technology leader in broadband access. Over 180 network carriers around the world currently use Siemens mobile communications technology. Siemens is also among the leaders in segments such as Prepaid and Microwave, as well as applications and mobile communication services.

    Mobile Networks will be headed by Karl-Christoph Caselitz, Fixed Networks by Christian Unterberger, and Carrier Services by Daniel-Rui Felicio.

    Enterprise Networks comprises the two divisions Enterprise Systems and Enterprise Services. Enterprise Networks provides enterprise customers with real-time communications systems and applications, solutions (including security) and a full range of professional services designed to help them improve their business processes. With presence-based applications such as HiPath OpenScape, the common HiPath 8000/ SURPASS softswitch platform bridges carrier and corporate networks and supports enterprises in boosting their productivity.

    Enterprise Systems is headed by Bernd Kuhlin, while Gerhard Otterbach is responsible for Enterprise Services.