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    CSR launches Bluetooth profile pack for Symbian smartphones


    CSR, the single-chip wireless systems company, today announced that its embedded Bluetooth software stack BCHS (BlueCore Host Software) is now available in a version optimised for the Symbian operating system.

    CSR can now provide a comprehensive range of up to 17 profiles for this operating system including DUN (Dial Up Networking) Audio Gateway, Handsfree, BIP, (Basic Image Printing), Basic printing profile, AVP, (Audio Visual Profile), CTP, (Cordless Telephony Profile), and PAN, (Personal Area Network) profile.  CSR’s BCHS for Symbian provides ODMs with a tailored Bluetooth host stack for smartphone applications.

    CSR’s BCHS for Symbian reduces the risk and cost of adding Bluetooth to a Symbian smartphone by creating a single source solution with proven and integrated software and hardware. CSR’s BCHS is the most complete Bluetooth software solution on the market, including 17 profiles and provides a means of introducing new functionality more quickly and at minimal cost. The product is developed to work with both UIQ and Nokia Series 60 SDK’s on version 7 of the Symbian OS today and migrating to Version 8 OS for 2005.

    John Halksworth, product marketing manager, CSR, commented, “We aim to offer ODMs who design smartphones with the Symbian operating system the same choice for designing with Bluetooth that engineers of many other applications enjoy.  With 17 profiles to choose from, ODMs are able to offer a full complement of Bluetooth functionality to users, as well benefiting from CSR’s trusted and robust hardware solution, BlueCore.”

    Halksworth continued, “According to Ovum and IDC, the smartphone market is expected to increase six-fold over the next three years. CSR has recognised this projected growth and its BCHS for Symbian solution aims to simplify the process for ODMs by providing a Bluetooth software solution rich in functionality and low in cost.”

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