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    Russian launch of first 300MHz TETRA radios


    Sepura launches the first 300-344 MHz terminals for Russia at the TETRA Russian Congress in Moscow.

    Graham Matthews, Managing Director for Sepura, in his welcome speech addressing the event’s delegates, said “I am proud to announce that Sepura is the Main Sponsor of the third TETRA Russian Congress which is the most important event for professional TETRA communications in Russia and the CIS countries”.

    He went on to add “To date, more than 90% of all TETRA terminals used in Russia are Sepura’s. Today, I am pleased to announce the availability of 300 MHz terminals, mobiles and handportables, for Russia and the CIS countries. All of our radios already support Cyrillic text, which was another first for Sepura in Russia. Our involvement in major projects in CIS countries coupled with our continuous development and support of Russian applications amply demonstrates the importance of this market for us”.

    Sepura’s market leading handportable, the SRP2000 sGPS, and the new mobile gateway, the SRG2000, are also available in Russia. The SRP2000 sGPS, with a fully-integrated and ultra sensitive GPS module, achieves a location fix in environments where conventional GPS devices fail, such as built-up urban areas and inside buildings. The ability to accurately locate emergency services personnel is a vital advance in public and individual workers safety, plus it allows rapid and effective deployment of resources.
    The SRG2000 enables users in locations normally void of handportable radio coverage to communicate with the TETRA network. This represents a vital operational improvement for organisations controlling vast territories.

    Compas+R, Sepura’s longstanding partner, and newer valued partners Informcom and Svyaz, have helped close prestigious deals with the Russian Railways and the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan. Informcom, is soon to become the official Sepura Service Centre offering technical support for all Russian and CIS countries. Sepura is also involved in TETRARUS programme and projects for the Gas and Oil industry in Ukraine.

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