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    Smartphone and PDA management from Avocent


    Avocent Corporation today announced two new software solutions for managing data centers and PDAs and other mobile devices: AdminSentinel and MobileSentinel.  These solutions help IT administrators securely manage data center devices from a PDA and allow IT administrators to manage the growing number of PDA and mobile devices in their businesses.

    AdminSentinel software for mobile devices allows IT managers to access, control and manage their network and data center infrastructure; and MobileSentinel is a software solution that allows IT departments to centrally manage mobile devices. These products run on platforms such as BlackBerry, PocketPC and Palm.
    While the data center is the foundation of Avocent’s core business, businesses are now required to not only manage their data centers and server rooms, but they are being asked to manage hundreds of mobile devices that are now part of their IT infrastructure. The addition of the MobileSentinel solution from our recent acquisition of Sonic Mobility will help customers manage the thousands of mobile devices in the market today.
    The AdminSentinel software uses a real-time secure proxy model to perform many routine server administrative functions from a mobile device. For example, the administrator can reboot a server, unlock/change passwords, restart services not functioning properly, view event logs, move files and send messages to logged-in users.

    MobileSentinel is a software product for the remote control and administration of PDAs and smart phones that connect to a computer network. MobileSentinel adds a new level of network security for mobile devices. IT administrators can monitor all mobile devices for current status, apply passwords to unprotected devices and manage mobile user groups, as well as a number of other functions. For mobile devices that are lost or stolen, MobileSentinel allows an IT administrator to centrally control and wipe out sensitive data. The product is ideally suited for networks that use cellular PDAs and smartphones to support staff in the field.

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