HomeNewsMobestar partners with 3G-Scene to develop its 3G video dating technology

    Mobestar partners with 3G-Scene to develop its 3G video dating technology


    Two 3G specialists combine forces to help mobile operators and video dating companies enable 3G services

    Mobestar, a leading provider of 3G video services has announced a partnership with 3G-Scene, a global leader in mobile dating and gambling software and services. Through the partnership, the two companies will provide 3G video dating services to network operators and dating agencies across the world. The new service will be available from early 2005.

    The new 3G dating application will enable people looking for love to sign up to a dating service via their 3G mobile. It is designed to be easy to use, enabling daters to sign up, search for potential partners, view their pictures and videos – and then make live video contact with each other. It can function as an add-on to existing dating services or as a stand-alone dating service in its own right.

    “With large mobile operators such as Vodafone launching their 3G services, we believe that 2005 is going to be the year when 3G finally takes off. We see 3G video dating as a central part of its success, as it offers single people an easy to use and discreet way to find love,” commented Peter Richards, CEO of Mobestar. “Working with 3G-Scene we are confident that together we can provide a fun, safe and secure dating service with high quality images, suitable for all types of people. We have already had a great deal of interest from major dating agencies and network operators.”

    We are using latest video technology to link wonderfully diverse people in this new 3G world.” said Peter Karsten, CEO at 3G-Scene. “This will be a world-leading turn-key video dating service which is designed to be fully customised with channel partners on a local level.”